Android Apps for Fitness and Health

Staying healthy in this busy world is difficult. Most of the time, our busy schedules don’t let us dedicate too much time to ourselves and our personal well-being. This is why it is important to use the time we have wisely and manage it so that we can take most out of it. Google Play is full of apps which claim to help you in this process, either by measuring your vitals, or just simply making it easy for you to keep track of your workout activities. In this article we will try to select the best ones for you.


Runtastic is an app which was first popular in Europe and only later started to conquer the phones of American users. It is a fitness and health platform which focuses on tracking your outdoor and indoor activities and offers a number of fitness plans which include such features as voice coaching, speed, distance and elevation monitoring and cloud sync of all those using your Runtastic account.


RunKeeper is a cross platform (Android and iOS) app which seeks to turn your phone into a personal gym instructor. It’s greatness is partially explained by its versatility – it can serve you as a motivational element, tracker of your progress in the long run as well as your health graph. RunKeeper will keep records of all your fitness related activities – walking, running, bike riding and let you compare them with your previous results. For those of you who love their workout sessions neatly planned out, this app enables you to set both short and long term goals and later works on making sure you do not forget about those goals.

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Beeminder is a very original app, especially for the world of health and fitness apps. When you set up an account on this service, you set up your goal (for example, losing weight) and you pledge that you will be charged a certain amount of money in case you don’t adhere to your schedule. In case you are lazy by nature but you really want to get in shape, this might be the right app for you.


If you are enthusiastic about bodybuilding, or even a bodybuilding professional, you might want to check out this app. It will help you improve your workouts in gym and will assist you by providing you with info and stats which are essential for properly going through your exercises. It features a great collection of exercises and routines and an elaborate progress tracking system.


Similar to Beeminder, but slightly more elaborate, GymPact is an app which tries to use money incentive in order to make you stick to your schedule and goals. When signing up, you are required to designate a certain amount of money you will lose each time you don’t adhere to your schedule (they call it making a pact). GymPact then tracks your progress and, if you honor the pact, rewards you with money while, if you don’t, it uses your money to fund people who do.

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