Arie Luyendyk Jr. Talks Tech

Arie Luyendyk Jr. may not have won season eight of ABC’s The Bachelorette (that honor went to Jef Holm Arie was first runner up) he did come away from the experience with some other prizes.

One of those prizes is a lot of exposure. See, racers like Arie want to get as many sponsors as they can so that they get more publicity and so they can make more money. To get more, and bigger sponsors, racers need to have exposure; they need companies to see them so that these companies want to spend their advertising money sponsoring them.

There are many ways to gain the needed exposure, and of course winning big races is the best. But aside from winning big name races, being the runner-up on the hit TV show The Bachelorette is a great way to get tons of exposure so that companies can come knocking, and opening their checkbooks, asking to be sponsors. Arie got a lot of exposure from his time on The Bachelorette.

Another of the prizes Arie earned as a result of being on the dating show is a host of new fans. While on the show, Arie had the opportunity to share his passion for driving with the world. He talked about his career and about how exciting motorsports can be. And while his race talk wasn’t quite impressive enough to land Emily, apparently a lot of women around the world were impressed enough to become new racing fans. These women have been lining up to come see this handsome adrenaline junkie race.

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In this exclusive video watch as Arie talks about how he benefitted from his adventures on the reality show. See him meet and mingle with some of his new fans. And, if you happen to be one of those fans, make sure to follow Arie in his future races and cheer him on to victory, because our bet is that if you asked him which prize was more important, the exposure and potential sponsors or the new friends and fans, he would choose the new friends and fans every time.

 This video and others where Arie appears with ZAGG are part of the Make It Yours video campaign. In this series of videos, you get behind the scenes looks into the lives of some interesting and influential people from all walks of life. Watch as they take you on a tour of their lives and share personal stories while explaining how technology has influenced and benefitted them.

With videos featuring more of Arie as well as everyone from Joe Lauzon, a successful UFC fighter, to heartthrob and winner of season eight of The Bachelorette Jef Holm (who also happens to be good friends with Arie) to Tasha Rozez, an award-winning international DJ, and more, the Make It Yours video series has something for everyone. New episodes are added each week, so make sure and subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes of this exciting video series.

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