Avoid Being Out Of Pocket; Average Costs Of Repairing A Wide Format Printer

It is inevitable that any printer will have to be repaired eventually and the wide format printer is no exception.  Generally these wide format printers are expensive, and most owners go to great lengths to take good care of them and ensure that routine maintenance is performed to avoid regular repairs.  The average cost of repairing a large format printer can get very expensive, and there even comes a time when the owners have to determine if it’s more cost effective to repair the wide format printer or to replace it.

There are some general costs for repairing these large format printers and some of the components.  For example:

  • On most wide format printers, there are two primary print heads that have separate ink systems and these generally range between £650 and £2600 per print head to replace, depending on the make and model.  Bear in mind, some of these printers have up to four of these print heads.
  • Many of these large format printers have a bulk ink float system that generally cost between £330 and £400 to replace.
  • There are damper assemblies and pump cap assembles that generally cost around £330 for both components on these wide format printers.
  • The take up reels on these types of printers can cost upwards of £1300 to replace.
  • Some of the large format printers also have a take up system that generally costs between £650 and £785 to replace.
  • Some of the belts on these printers can cost from £260 per belt, obviously depending on the style and type of the wide format printer.
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Maintenance Agreements

All companies that manufacture and distribute these large format printers generally have a maintenance agreement.  Depending on the make and model of the device determines the cost of the monthly maintenance agreement.  Indeed the monthly price tag for a maintenance agreement may seem exorbitant at first impact, but considering the price of replacing just a couple of the print heads over the course of the year makes it seem a bit more reasonable – particularly when compared to the price of having to purchase a new wide format printer.  For most companies regular service and maintenance of the printer ensure (as well as good care from the users) ensures that the printer will perform perfectly for a very long time.


The average cost of repairing a large format printer varies a great deal depending on the model of the wide format printer, the design, and certainly the age of the large format printer.  Unfortunately with many of the much older models, some of the parts may be a bit more difficult to obtain but the good news is that they rarely break.

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