Buying An HDTV in the 21st Century

Back in the good old days, buying a television was simple. You piled the family into the car, went down to the local chain store outlet, spent an hour looking at the wall of televisions and then made your choice. The sales people would do their thing to sell you a whole bunch of extras you probably didn’t need, you would get the television home and then plug it in.

With the deluge of new technologies these days, buying a television can feel like it requires a degree in engineering. When you break it down to the very basics, it is not that difficult to pick the television of your dreams.

Some Basic Truths

These days, pretty much all televisions are high definition. If a television does not accommodate high definition, then you can usually tell by the insanely low price. To keep things simple, your choice will be between an LCD television and a plasma television. You can ignore all of those other technologies because LCD and plasma have you covered.


If you are looking for a good, everyday television that you can buy on a budget, then you want an LCD television. They last for years and rarely need service. When they are cared for properly, they will give you a clear picture while you are watching movies, sports or television shows.


People always wonder if they need a plasma television. If you have the budget, then a plasma television is better than an LCD. Both a plasma and LCD television can be mounted on the wall of your home, so there is no big advantage there for LCD. Plasma offers a better separation of colors and a smoother picture. To be honest, you may not even notice the difference most of the time. But the plasma really starts to stand out when you are watching darker movies.

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If you want to have your television mounted to your wall, then you will want to pay for professional installation. There are a lot of horror stories out there involving people who thought that it should be a snap to install their television themselves. Don’t be one of those people, hire professionals to handle your television.


These days, everything from your Blu-Ray player to your video game console plugs into your television with HDMI cables. When you start to pay for your television, the sales clerk will politely tell you that you need cables, and he is right. But what you do not need to do is buy the most expensive cables they have. A $20 HDMI cable can be just as reliable as a $150 cable. It is unlikely that you will ever see a difference in the picture quality between the two.

Extended Warranties

Most people experience problems with their new television when they get it home, take it out of the box and realize that it was cracked when it was delivered to the store. You can buy an extended warranty for your LCD or plasma television, but it is unlikely you will ever need it.

A new high definition television can be a wonderful thing. All you need to do is make sure that the process of buying the television doesn’t intimidate you.

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