Characteristics of Good Jail Management Software

Jail management software solutions

Modern correctional facilities must be cost effective in the administration of their functions. This calls for software solutions that will manage the logistical and planning challenges a prison faces in an established and well organized manner. The software solutions available are designed through consultation between correctional facility administrators and software developers to provide solutions tailor made to fit corrections management.

Features of good jail management software:

– It must have proper database support. Running a correctional facility is a logistical challenge that involves the organization of many aspects of the entire undertaking. This results in the generation of large amounts of data that can only be useful if the proper method for handling it is available. The databases created will be used to store information relevant to the correctional facility; such as prisoner details, sentencing details, activities and incidences prisoners have been involved in, visitation logs, disciplinary actions among a long list of other relevant information.

These databases will allow for the storage of this information in a linked manner that enables access to the required information in an easy manner. Furthermore, the software provides a method for collation of data for sharing purposes. In certain instances, for example when an inmate comes up for a parole hearing, it may be necessary for the prison to share certain information about the prisoner.

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– It must provide planning and organizational tools. Planning tools such as calendars and activity organizers are necessary for any correctional facility. Administrators need good software that allows them to plan the activities a facility is engaged in effectively. Such activities may for example be prisoner visitation and conjugal, prisoner transport schedules, designated court appearances and so on. Good planning tools will provide integrated notifications to ensure that the schedules created are observed.

– It should act to simplify processing of inmates who are entering or leaving the premises. The act of booking an inmate can be simplified where the jail management system is integrated and allows receipt of information from security agencies. This simplifies the identification, tagging, and assigning tasks typically performed.

There are jail management software solutions that provide additional functionality that eases the decision making process. Some can be used in determining the risk factor of an inmate and whether such inmate should be considered for parole or early release. These operate by checking the original sentence pronounced as against the activities and incidents the inmate has engaged in during his stay.

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