Choosing A Hosting Solution That Suits Your Needs

The thing that has the greatest impact on our civilization in the last twenty – twenty-five years is, of course, the Internet. It changed the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we get information and much, much more. If you own a business or you want to promote yourself, you have to use the Internet. If someone is interested in what you do, the first thing they are going to attempt is to find something about it on the web. If the search result equals zero hits, then you practically do not exist.  You will instantly be marked as unreliable or unimportant.

If this is your first attempt to grab a piece of the Internet and make it your own, then you might be a bit confused by all the options that are at your disposal. Now creating a web site for yourself should not be that big of a deal, since there are tons of freelancers out there willing to do that for a reasonable price. Choosing a web hosting solution can be a much a bigger burden on your mind, since today there are a lot of ways to do this. Making a wrong choice can lead to unnecessary complications, loss of data, as well as precious time. Also, making a wrong choice can lead to spending more money than you should in order to get what you need.

We are going to try and explain different web hosting options and point out their strong spots, as well as their weak spots. First of all, here is a list of web hosting options you can choose from:

  • Free Hosting
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

The best thing to do is to concentrate on your needs first and then find the option that satisfies these needs in the best possible way. If you are not sure what to look for in a host, here are some of the features you should pay attention to:

  1. Price
  2. Security
  3. Domain Name
  4. Technical and Database Support
  5. Software Options
  6. High Traffic Capabilities

Now let’s take some time to look at different hosting options we have at our disposal, since they are very much different from each other.

Free Web Hosting

This is the cheapest possible way to go. We do not recommend going for a free hosting solution if you are attempting to become serious with your web site. Security is very low, software options are very few, you usually have a partly generic domain name (which includes the host company’s domain name) and the support is unreliable. This is a cheap solution for personal web sites with low traffic and should not be considered as an option for any type of serious business.

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Virtual Web Hosting

This is an option suitable for a medium traffic web site. If you choose this type of hosting, you will be sharing your server with a hundred or so other people, which is why the cost will be very much reduced. Also, you will get good support and your own domain name. This also has its bad sides, since the security won’t be top notch, because of the number of users on just one server.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is the freshest way of hosting web material. Basically, this functions as a large group of servers that work together in order to provide the best possible service. Your data is stored and managed by several servers, which kick in depending on the need. So, you get as much resources as you might need at any given moment and, should there be any server malfunction, another server will kick in, thus preventing any loss of data. The cost of cloud hosting is also very reasonable in regard of what you are getting and it is charged just like electricity. So, basically, you pay for what you use.

Collocated Web Hosting

This solution is a more costly one. You get your own server which is kept in a room especially designed for servers. You get all the benefits like your own domain name, high bandwidth, great security, etc. The only problem is the personal maintenance (debugging, configuration), since you do not have the direct access to it and therefore you need more skill in order to manage it.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is the most expensive option of them all. You get your own server which functions just for you. You get all the perks you can imagine and full access and control. This option is probably most suitable for large companies with high traffic.

When choosing your hosting solution, you should always pay attention to the needs that your site has.

We hope we managed to clarify the web hosting options that are at your disposal. Good luck with your cyber space ambitions and may your servers never crash.

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