Clock Camera Recorder

This small clock with a built in camera and recorder can secretly record images with its 70 degree angle of view. The device is battery operated and the rechargeable battery should give up to 10 hours of recording depending on the mode. The modes are video and audio continuous or motion detection which will start to record when the sensor detects movement both modes can be selected manually and by the remote control. The rechargeable batteries take about 5 hours to charge. The footage is recorded and stored onto a micro SD memory card which can be viewed at a later date. The storage is around 1 GB per 20 minutes. The clock itself has a stainless steel cover with red control buttons and end features. The time display can be either 12 or 24 hours with a backlight for reading the time in the middle of the night. The clock also has an alarm facility with a snooze function.

How This Spy Device Can Be Used

This spy device can be used in a myriad of ways. It will make an ideal bedroom spy, checking up on your partner or spouse while you are away or even checking up on your younger kids to see if they are asleep when they should be or they are doing their homework and not messing around on line watching movies or You Tube videos. If you feel your domestic cleaner is not carrying out the chores you have asked, you could check by using the clock camera recorder to see if they even go into your bedroom. Keep it on your work desk and turn it on when you are out to lunch to see if anyone touches anything on your desk.

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A Real Life Case Where A Clock Camera Was Used

A woman was concerned that her husband was lying about how much time he spent at home. She would leave for work at around 07.30hrs and most days she would leave her husband at home in bed, as he didn’t need to get up until 08.00hs. The man was a self-employed builder who had a gang of men working for him. This meant that he could go to the site or to the job whenever he fancied. However, his wife was not happy with this way of working as she thought he should be on the job at least at 08.00hrs before his men were there. She also felt that he should be available to his customers before they went to work, in case they needed to talk to him about the work. Also this type of customer service is important for getting work referrals and extra work from the customer.

Neighbours had told the wife that they had often seen other cars parked outside their home during the day and they had also seen her husband in his dressing gown in the afternoon. The wife was fed up of his behaviour and decided to catch him in the act. She bought a clock camera and set it up in the bedroom on motion activity mode. Throughout the week she made a note of the times he got out of bed using the footage from the spy camera. She was appalled to see that he stayed in bed, either sleeping or watching TV most of the day. She showed him the footage and told him to mend his ways.

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