Comparison Between Radio Clock Alarm And Light Switch Camera And Recorder Devices

What Is The Same About These Two Devices?

There are very few similarities between these two devices as they are made for quite different uses. The light switch camera recorder and the radio clock alarm camera recorder both have motion detectors to start the camera recording as the sensor detects movement. The images captured are stored on a SD memory card that can be as big as 32GB and both sets of footage can be viewed on a PC or laptop via a USB connection. Both devices are limited in where they can be placed as with the radio clock alarm camera recorder an alarm clock is used mostly in the bedroom and the light switch camera recorder needs to be used in an existing light switch.

What Are The Differences Between The Camera Recorder Devices?

The main difference is that the radio clock alarm camera recorder is mains electricity supply run and the light switch camera recorder is battery operated. The radio clock alarm camera recorder is able to watch the footage recorded onto the SD memory card onto a TV as well as a computer or laptop and can record constantly onto the SD memory card if it is set to do so. The light switch camera battery has a 5 day life when used in the motion detection mode.


If you are looking for a bedroom spy camera then the radio clock alarm camera recorder is the ultimate bedroom spy camera. The many normal radio alarm clock functions are very good, even for a non-spy radio alarm clock and it is totally undetectable. The light switch camera recorder device is also totally undetectable and can be the only type of device that can be used in the target room and with the clear sound and vision would be the ideal choice.

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Real Life Use Of Both Devices

A light switch camera recorder had a big part to play in catching a business mole. The business was experiencing major product secrets leeks. It was not known who the culprit was. No one within the business had any idea who would want to do such a thing after all the hard work the whole team had put into the new product. The owner put the light switch cameras into all the prominent offices and one in the lab. It took a lot of battery and SD card changing but the culprit was found within the month and the company could go back to work as normal. The culprit was a mole working for the opposition and he was receiving double money as the competitor matched what the business was paying him to spy for them. He was arrested and is now awaiting trial.

The radio alarm clock camera recorder was used by a woman to track her live in boyfriend’s bedroom activities while she was away for a week on business. She was not sure if he would remain faithful to her while she was away because he was a very flirty man when they were out together so she was worried how he would be when she was not there. When she arrived home she went straight to the bedroom to watch the footage and was horrified to see her boyfriend having sex with a man in their bed. They are no longer together but the boyfriend has finally found the courage to come out as a gay man.

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