Details and Benefits of Epson Ink Tank Printer

The biggest drag in the sales of an inkjet printer is the cost of printing. Anybody who has worked on inkjet printer knows that the cost of buying new inkjet cartridges is some times more than the actual cost of printer. This is why some people prefer buying new printer as opposed to buying new cartridges. Keeping these problems of the users in their mind Epson has brought into the market a printer which uses inkjet technology but instead of buying a new cartridge you can just refill the tank of ink attached with the printer.

Details of the Epson Printer

There are total of 6 Epson ink tank printers that have been launched in three different categories:

– Single Function Printers: These printers can be used for printing or regular documents and colored pages. There are two models available in this category: Epson L110 and Epson L300.

– Multi-Function Printers: These are AIO printers, with the facility of one touch scan and copy option. There are three models available in this category: Epson L210, Epson L350 and Epson L355.

– Photo Printers: These printers are made to deliver high volume, low cost photo printing. There is only one printer of this category that has been launched by Epson: Epson Inkjet Photo L800.

Features of the Printers:

– All these printers contain high yield ink bottles

– These printers provide Print speed from 27 ppm to 33 ppm depending on the printer model.

– Prints from these printers have a resolution up to 5760 dpi x 1440 dpi

Benefit of Epson ink tank printers

-These printers reduce the cost of per page print to lowest levels possible. Printers come with 70 ml bottles of black and color ink toner cartridges. You can print up to 4,000 black pages and up to 6,500 color pages with these ink cartridges.

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The resolution provided by the printer is also very high and this printer uses a variable size droplet technology. By the use of this technology the print head of the cartridge can eject ink in three sizes of droplets.
– But the main feature of the printer is the ink tanks that are attached to the printer. Due to these tanks the printer is able to achieve its maximum printing capacity. This is why it is an ideal printer for those who want to do heavy printing on regular basis.

– Also as the ink tanks are fitted outside the printer, you can refill these tanks without even touching the cartridges. The inks for refilling these tanks are supplied by Epson at very economical prices. You don’t need to be an expert to refill these tanks and you can easily do it perfectly first time only.

– Because refilling of the ink tank does not require ink toner cartridges to be removed. This increases the life of cartridges and the printer. Several times the ink cartridge get damaged during removal or installation process.


These Epson ink tank printers are very beneficial for the users who do printing work on a regular basis. Just think that every time your cartridge gets empty, you don’t have to pay for a new cartridge, but just the ink. This can reduce your printing costs to minimum levels.

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