Do Small Businesses Need A Mobile App?

Do small businesses need a mobile app? Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the demand for mobile apps. As more and more consumers started to buy on their smartphones, large companies such as Amazon, eBay, Gap and Target saw their potential, and incorporated them into their marketing campaigns. Then, smaller companies quickly followed suit. Realtors, law firms, auto dealerships, restaurants, hair salons – and a whole host of medium enterprises – all embraced the mobile app craze.

However, many small businesses that haven’t realized the need of having a mobile marketing strategy. If you’re currently running such a business, this article highlights the top reasons why you should consider having a mobile app to promote your products or services.

Do Small Businesses Need A Mobile App? – Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Customer Loyalty

A mobile app provides a great channel through which you can implement a royalty program to reward customers for coming back. With such a mobile-based program, you won’t have to spend money on punch cards. In addition, unlike the usual punch cards that keeps getting lost, customers will find it more convenient to take advantage of your reward program.

Makes It Easier for Customers to Access Products

With a mobile app, customers can go directly to the sales site and buy products without performing a tedious search. Internet users get distracted easily, and they may even be attracted by a competitor’s site. A mobile app eliminates the distractions that are involved in surfing the web, and helps catch and hold customer attention.

Helps a Business to Stand Out

A custom mobile app can help differentiate your store from other businesses that are offering the same products or services. You can use your app to inform customers about the superior features of your products, and any other advantage that comes with buying them. This can be very beneficial especially when you are running a small store in a location where there are many other similar businesses.

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Gets a Business Connected best

A mobile app offers a very convenient tool for keeping in touch with customers. With a touch of a button, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of customers to inform them about any current promotions, upcoming events, product launches, or any other news involving your business.

Gives a Business a Competitive Edge

A mobile app is a very powerful marketing tool that can help you keep in front of competition. Almost all businesses have websites and Facebook pages nowadays, and having a custom mobile app will allow you to add more value to your product offering. Just look at how much success the iLiving App review has brought its business.

Helps Improve Sales through Generation of Repeat Businesses

By offering coupons through the app, you’ll get more and more customers coming back to your store, thereby boosting your sales and profit margins.

Helps Reinforce a Brand

A well-developed app allows you to increase your brand visibility and exposure across mobile devices – as more and more consumers get to download it. It can also help you to create a buzz regarding your products, especially through social media. This will trigger consumer interest, and send your sales on an upward trajectory.

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