Don’t Put Your Health At Risk; Ensure You Have An Effective Dust Extraction System In Place

A dust extraction system is a machine used for the removal of dust and other macro and micro particles from the atmosphere. These systems are important in that they purify the air, thereby protecting individuals from diseases, as well as preventing industry hazards such as fires that are caused by dust. Dust extraction systems are not only important for factories, but for other work places as well.

These machines provide a great way to avoid stuffy work environments and are therefore compulsory to install in most work places. Failure to do so would lead to an imposition of code violation fines.

Dust Extraction At Work

Dust extraction systems are typically found in industries because dust and other macro and micro particles are normally produced by industrial machines. Having these extraction machines installed will enhance the safety of your workers and prevent them from contracting diseases that you could end up being sued for in a court of law. Industries have in the past lost such cases and been forced to pay huge fines. Don’t let your business become a statistic.

Types Of Dust Extraction Systems

Dust extraction systems are available in a variety of models. For instance, the shot blasting system is typically utilised in environments in which fine dust is mostly released into the air. On the other hand, the powder point system features a dry process designed to tackle materials that are released into the atmosphere due to overspray. Thermal spraying systems work in a similar manner, targeting particles released into the atmosphere due to overspray. A welding fume extractor can handle substances as explosive as titanium, thereby preventing explosions.

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Soot Extraction

If your work environment produces soot, you will also require a soot extractor. Certain soot particles are combustible and tend to catch fire easily and easily explode, depending on their components. Factories have been razed to the ground as a result of soot fires. Don’t allow your factory to go this way – invest in a soot extraction system that will help trap and store the soot in confinement such that it does not pose a risk to your facility.

Health Benefits Of Dust Extraction

Work environments that lack these extraction systems tend to have workers easily susceptible to dust-related diseases. These include asthma and lung cancer amongst other diseases which can prove expensive to treat, and in some cases resulting in deaths. A good dust extraction system will enable you to maintain your workers in good health.

It is important to take the time to determine which of the available dust extraction systems is suitable for your particular needs, keeping in mind that each serves a different purpose. You will also need the help of a specialist during installation and maintenance, so as to avoid ending up with an improperly fixed system that can lead to catastrophic results.

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