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Raise your hand if you are guilty about not sticking to your New Year’s Resolution(s), yeah that would be the majority of us. Probably happened this year too, right? Was one of those resolutions changing some kind of life habit? Maybe you pledged to work out more, quit smoking, or stop eating sweets? If you’ve already given up and gone back to old habits, we’ve found an app to help you get back on track and reach your goal while still having fun along your journey. HabitRPG is a habit tracker app which treats your goals like a role playing game.

Interview With Tyler Renelle

We asked the developer of this app, Tyler Renelle, how this particular app would make a difference for people. He tells us, “Habit will incentivize good behavior by turning it into a game. You gain experience and level up, gold to buy weapons and armor (which effect the game-play), lose hit points when you falter, and combine all these things to compete with your friends as accountability partnerships. I use as many GTD (getting things done) setups as the next person, and I don’t want to replace them – but to provide motivation and incentive for properly using them. Right now Habit provides some basic features which include: a to-do list, scheduled to-dos, a habit tracker, and some basic integration with Chrome.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Tyler conveys to us where the original idea for this app came from, My insane ADD has always caused me to pursue Lifehacker and Quantified Self methods for improving my habits, getting things done, staying on task with Pomodoro, etc. I don’t remember where, but I picked up a trick online for tracking all these self-improvements in a Google Spreadsheet with color-coded formulae to help you see where you fall short. I’m a web developer, so that tactic only lasted so long before I decided to create HabitRPG. Just like many of us busy bodies who fall short of our goals due to the insanity of everyday life, Tyler also felt like he fell off the wagon because he couldn’t keep track of his self-improvements. By feeling the need/want to prevent this from happening, he put his mind into figuring out how to incentivize and use a tracking system to reach his objectives.

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HabitRPG is a habit tracking application that provides incentives for your good actions by treating your life like a role playing game. If you do well at your habits, you gain experience points, as well as, gold and silver that can be used to trade in for weapons and armor, which are in-game items or custom defined rewards like Doritos and a Mountain Dew. If you do poorly at your habits, such as taking the elevator and not the stairs, you lose hit points. If you lose enough hit points, you die and have to start over by spending tokens. The biggest addition coming to HabitRPG is the party system. You’re able to choose four friends to compete with along the way. You can see their avatar and stats and they can see yours. Competing with friends helps with motivation and incentivizes the game.

The thing that excites Tyler the most about this new app is, The feature requests that have been
pouring in. Ever since hitting Lifehacker’s homepage, the Github issue queue has been filling up with feature requests for more ways to turn your life into a role playing game. Friends can assign you tasks called Quests; stale todos become poisonous, requiring completion or buying a “cure” potion; monster and boss battles; specific habit completion increasing avatar attributes. It’s a blast to see this open source community growing and leaders arising to help triage features. He plans to release the HabitRPG mobile app in April, if he gets the funding from Kickstarter to complete the development process. His goal to offer HabitRPG as a free and open source so we can all easily access and enjoy the online app or mobile app.

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