Easy Tips Choosing The Right Office Equipment

Designing an office space, whether it is in a private residence or a commercial location, can be fun. Once the paint colors and other adornments have been chosen it is time to get to the heart of the matter, the equipment. No matter how large the company is, having access to the right software and equipment is crucial for success.  As one would expect the list of equipment for a home office is much smaller than the one for a commercial space. These lists contain some similarities and also some differences.

Basic Equipment

This is one area that is likely to be very similar for both the home office and the commercial space, with the main difference being the amount that is purchased. The basic needs for any office space include:

  • A desk
  • A chair.
  • Lighting. This can include both overhead and lamps used on desks.
  • A computer system. Most industries today require access to some type of computer. Depending on the type of work being done, the company may choose a specific type of system over another. For example if the work is heavily laden with graphics they may choose a Mac over a traditional PC for the speed and processing ability of the system.


This is the first area where the needs of a home office may differ from that of a commercial space. If there are only a limited number of workers who will need to print documents or other materials, then a small desktop model should do.  There are many different reviews of the current products that will help you make an educated purchase.

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However, if the system is meant for a large business, a larger freestanding system may be more effective.  As you choose your printer consider the volume and the size of the ink cartridge it will need.  More information on free standing systems can be found here. If you are a cake designer or in the food industry and need access to edible printing systems, there are resources out there that will help you.

Phone system

A single landline should do for most home offices. Larger businesses may want to consider using one of the many voice over internet protocol systems available today. These can help your workers stay in touch with each other and the clients at the same time.

Address Printer

Offices can again differ on the size of these systems.  The key in determining what address printer is the best fit is the volume of printed material you expect to handle. Like other types of printers, these systems can range in size from desktop to freestanding.

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