Easy Tips Understanding the Different Platforms of Cloud API

As cloud computing is gaining a momentum, system administrators are looking for methods through which they can integrate with their cloud model. Nowadays, there are more direct use cases for cloud computing, which require greater levels of customization. This ability to enhance the cloud experience and further have cross-cloud compatibility has helped to form cloud API (Application Programming Interface) environment. Moreover, nowadays administrators can simply integrate applications and various other workloads into the cloud by making use of these APIs. However, it is your responsibility to judge that which model would be right for your business that would help you in fulfilling all your preferences in a seamless manner.

Understanding the best cloud computing model is not very easy and there are many ways through which you can integrate into an infrastructure. Moreover each method of selection has its own underlying components and for the same reason, it is important for you to get a fair understanding on cloud computing and how can the APIs fit into the process. There are basically four important areas where cloud computing has to be integrated with other platforms or other cloud providers.

  • At the services level, PaaS API
    most commonly known as Platform-as-a-service, this service API is designed in a manner that it can provide a proper access and functionality to a cloud environment. This service allows you to integrate with storage components, databases and even messaging systems.
  • At the application level, SaaS API
    this is another form of cloud API that is known as Software-as-a-service API. It helps you to connect with application layer with the cloud and the underlying IT infrastructure. In order to describe it in a best manner, you can pick up the examples of CRM and ERP.
  • At infrastructure level, IaaS API
    commonly referred to as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, this API is useful in controlling specific cloud resources along with their distribution. These APIs are usually found in workload management and network configurations.
  • Cloud provider and cross platform APIs
    there are many providers that make use of more than a single cloud provider and platform. Therefore, there is a need for greater cross platform compatibility and for the same reason there are many providers that are offering HTTP and HTTP API integration that allows customers greater cloud versatility.

If you make a comprehensive search on the web, you can quite easily find various providers that assist you with cloud services in a seamless manner. Moreover, some of the providers also offer free cloud server trial that helps you in understanding the real use of their service and whether it is user-friendly or not.

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