EEG Through A Smartphone?

People with neurological problems would definitely celebrate to the news that a portable EEG scanner can now be made and that they can have it in their own hands. A group of experts from the Technical University of Denmark created a portable EEG scanner with the use of a smart phone and a headset.

The team hooked up a commercially available EEG headset to a smartphone, Nokia N900, in this case to create the portable scanning system. It is in fact the first time a smartphone provided the power to an EEG headset. The EEG headset monitors the brain activity, which is something very useful for people with brain or neurological disorders.

The headset was originally tailored to connect wirelessly to a USB receiver. The USB receiver can in turn be plugged into a desktop or a personal computer.

In order to make the system work with the smart phone, an app is designed by the team. The smart app creates a simple 3D model of the brain, whenever brain activity increases, the 3D model lights up. The model can be rotated with just a swipe of a screen; this enables the user to view the different areas of the brain.

Not only does the app provide a simple, 3D image of the brain, it also enables the user to connect to a remote server for more analysis, and the results of those analyses can be displayed on the smart phone.

The portable system is seen to have significant advantages for people suffering epilepsy and other neurological disorders.  A primary advantage seen is it can give real time results anytime and anywhere. Something that is quite difficult to achieve because EEG scans are usually done in big labs. Getting regular scans are also costly as the cost of one EEG scan can be quite expensive.

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The developers of the portable EEG scan also see a good future of the system when it comes to brain research. EEG measurements are usually done in lab settings where people are often isolated and were given specific or controlled tasks. With the portable EEG system, researchers can now study brain activity in natural environments such as the home or the workplace. Researchers can also study brain activity when certain videos or pictures are shown; the dynamics of brain activity in a group of people would also become an easy subject to study with the use of the portable EEG.

EEG scans that can be made through a smart phone do show a great potential, when such technology is developed, patients can monitor their condition right in the comforts of their homes, and hospital visits would then be limited. However, experts still advise that ability of smart apps to process data wouldn’t compare to the dedicated medical devices. Still there is an issue of massive and sophisticated data processing that can’t be done by a smart phone alone. For more on EEGs, visit UKS EEG brain scan.

The author of this EEG article is Brandon Fritz, author of web based medical related articles. Brandon specializes on articles about different diagnostic procedures such as EEGs.

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