Five Reasons Why Google Fiber Could Be A Game Changer

There’s no doubt about the hype built up around Google Fiber at the moment. Google started in Kansas and are now planning on expanding to Texas and Utah. The interesting thing about Google Fiber is the seemingly impossible speeds. They offer speeds that can be to 200 times the speed of what some companies offer. That’s a big deal, and Google isn’t joking around. Here are five reasons why Google Fiber could be a game changer and shape the landscape of ISPs forever.

1: It’s incredibly fast

As stated earlier, it’s incredibly fast. Google offers speeds of up to 1 gigabit a second. This compared to AT&Ts basic internet of 2mb/s is crazy. It’s magnitudes faster. Even Comcast’s standard 20 mb/s pales in comparison to 1 gb/s. It’s so fast that other companies simply can’t ignore it.

2: It’s relatively cheap

For a Comcast customer, it’ll cost somewhere around $50 a month for 20mb/s. Google Fiber is offering their service for $70 a month. For $20 more, customers can get something that’s nearly 100 times faster.

3: It’s Google

Just by having the Google name at the forefront, the Google Fiber project has a sharp advantage. Google is a household name and is almost omnipresent in billions of people’s lives. Whether it’s the search engine or the email service, Google is a trusted brand and company.

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4: It’s already expanding

The first expeditions were to Kansas City. Since then, Google has expanded within Kansas itself as well as made plans to expand to two other states. It’s slowly building up its infrastructure. This is proof of the fact that it works. It’s not some pipe dream that’s only applicable in select areas. Google Fiber is real and has the potential to completely change the game.

5: It uses a superior infrastructure

The main reason why it will change the game is simply the fact that most internet connections are outdated. Fiber is the way to go and Google is proving that. They entered the ISP industry seemingly out of nowhere simply because of their superior technology.

This technology has the potential to make huge waves for companies that specialize in residential telephone and internet provider services, and for those of us lucky enough to live in the right cities, Google fiber should be interesting.

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