Four Main Features Of Tote Bins

If you’re looking for a reliable storage and transportation solution then there can be no better than a fully functioning Tote bin. Tote Bins are there to provide your materials with a safe way to get from one destination to the next with little hassle.

When looking to get some Tote bins you should think about what features they have, and how they can help you. Below are four of the main features that Tote bins have.


The first feature that is an advantage to anyone looking to store goods in, is the fact these bins are strong. They are produced from corrugated plastic which makes it resistant to damage and scratches. This could either be from items being dropped onto it or if items are to move inside it.

Due to it being strong it also means that it can carry heavy and large items. The stretchy capacity means that it’s flexible and won’t break easily.


Besides just being strong, Tote bins also have the quality of being easily stackable. This is mainly due to the plastic containers being easily mouldable and designed in a shape that enables stacking efficiently. Making the bins stackable gives it a great benefit for those using it for warehouse storage.

These totes are also collapsible meaning that they are space efficient besides just being stacked efficiently.


The corrugated plastic is designed with weight in mind. Due to the fact that many products have to be transported often, these cases need to be lightweight to be of any use. The light weight of these cases means that any products can be handled by one person.

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The inplant handlers also help for the transportation of these bins. These handles are wide enough to get a good grip on, and ensure that you will not be at any discomfort when transporting items.

Oil & Moisture Resistant

Tote Bins will come in contact with many different types of materials and items. This is why it’s vital that they are oil and moisture resistant. Having your containers as moisture resistant is a great benefit for anyone who works in the premises of wet or moist conditions.

Examples of places that may need moisture resistant storage containers include any location in charge of manufacturing, distribution, consumption or disposal.

All these features make Tote Bins ideal for transportation, movement, storage and protection. As well as the protection you will get from the outer material, you will be able to get bespoke custom foam inserts. These foam inserts will enable you to protect your materials inside and ensure that no damage is accrued inside.

When you are searching for a manufacturer you should ensure that they will offer customisable solutions to your needs. Certain things that you can customise include the box colour, box size and shape. This is important if you need a bespoke solution and have certain spacing or branding requirements. You should only look for manufacturers that can guarantee quality. This is due to the fact you should expect Tote Bins to last a very long time, even under harsh conditions.

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