Google Glass Concerns Already? New Driving Legislation Is Pushed

News of Google Glass has barely reached the public and already West Virginia lawmakers attempt to push concerns by proposing new driving laws pertaining to it. This new bit of technology is expected to be ready to buy possibly towards the end of 2013.

The primary thing is a safety concern, says West Virginia Representative Gary G. Howell. He proposes laws that would include using a wearable computer headset with head-mounted display as one that would count as texting while driving. This proposed legislation does not address Google Glass specifically. However, reports indicate that Howell did come up with the ideas for the new laws from this new technology.

More About Google Glass And Safety Concerns

Google Glass is a headset that is worn much like traditional prescription or non-prescription eye ware. Yet, it is a computer with a small camera. In the upper right of this new technological contraption is a small screen. From it the person wearing it can see search engine results and read e-mails, weather reports, reminders, driving directions, and other information.

This headset device can also take pictures and record video. It is this multimedia capturing that has some lawmakers concerned. However, legislators say that it could be as dangerous as texting while driving.

Google Glass is already well-known in many tech circles and even Howell himself says, It’s pretty interesting. However, he also states that he doesn’t want to see it on his state roads, as CNN reports.

Google’s Response Concerning This New Glass Technology

It seems to be that Google expects this conflict about Glass that has arisen. …New technologies raise new issues, says one spokesperson after further telling how much thought Google is putting into the design of this new device. We actually believe there is tremendous potential to improve safety…As always, feedback is welcome.

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Possible Safety Features of The Glass Device

This new computerized headset could offer turn-by-turn and voice navigation commands. It also could become available to users while it remains unobtrusive for users when they don’t need to use it.

The screen on this device is intended to sit above the wearer’s line of vision. Google also states that this device is meant for taking quick looks at rather than viewing for long periods. Of course, more considerations are being explored to make this headset piece safe for everyone.

Glass Security Concerns and Rooms for Improvement

This piece of equipment may require further security improvements. For instance, word has it that Jay Freeman, the inventor of Cydia for iPhone has created what is described as a rather effortless hack that allows him to see whatever the original wearer of the Glass device can see.

This is largely in part because of the way this device is set to be always on so that accessing the Internet is easy. However, easy may not yet be safe. Therefore, more efforts are being made to discover how to make it more secure.

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