Help Tips Taking Care of Office Equipments

Taking proper care of the office equipment is essential for smooth business operation It is advisable that you follow regular cleaning process to make sure that all the office equipments run smoothly. Here are few tips on how you can take care of the office equipments. Take a look.

Fax machines

  • Always keep the fax machine in a dry room. Remember that humidity can lead to paper sticking.

  • There should be enough ventilation around the fax machine. It is advisable that there should be minimum 6 inches distance of the fax machine from the wall.

  • In order to prevent the fax machine taking too much paper, fan paper before you insert in the machine.

  • Be careful when you replace the toner. Once you take out the old toner from the fax machine, keep it in a newspaper. Remember that the old toner cartridges generally leak. Thus throw them immediately.

  • In case any ink spills, wipe it away.

  • Remember not to force any office machine to open. Clean the parts that are easily accessible.


  • Make sure that you keep the computer in a dry environment. Do not keep the computer close to heat or moisture source. It is advisable that you do not drink tea or coffee next to the computer. This might harm the computer.

  • It is important that you keep the screen and keyboard of the computer clean. Use a static-free cloth to clean the computer. These are specially designed for cleaning the computer.

  • You can reverse the keyboard and remove all the dirt. In order to clean the rest of the debris accumulated on the keyboard, you need to use compressed air. This will help you clean the dirt in between the keys.

  • Use compressed air to clear the debris from the vents of the computer. Make sure that the ventilation holes of the computer is clean. Note: if the ventilation holes are full of dirt, then it can overheat the computer.

  • Do remember to plug in the computer into surge protector.

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  • Regularly clean the removable parts of the printer. Use a dry clean cloth to clean the printer parts.

  • It is important that you follow the manufacturer instructions carefully. Find out the ideal paper size and weight that you can use in the printer. You can find the paper instructions on the packing itself.

  • Do not keep any jammed paper in the tray. Make sure that you do not overfill the paper tray with excessive papers.

  • Be careful with the change of the ink. Slowly open the printer and take out the existing ink cartridge. Order for a new ink cartridge as per the instructions specified by the manufacturer. In case you face trouble in finding the ink cartridge, you can contact the manufacturer for guidelines.

Additional instructions for home office equipment

  • Read the manual for cleaning the home office machine. Remember that each home office machine has its specific cleaning guidelines. The manual will be the best reference to help you out with cleaning instructions for home office equipment.

  • Generally do not place the office equipments against the walls This will stop proper air flow leading to humidity.

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