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Several technological advances have been introduced to aid travellers in recent years. From helping a traveller to find their way around a new city more easily, to being able to read their favourite books on just one device, travellers are certainly benefiting from technological innovation.


An iTour is a useful aid for a traveller, because of how it gives an audio tour of a chosen location. The audio tour itself will be downloadable, and will typically be in mp3 format. Suitable for portable devices, such as mp3 players and mobile phones, an iTour can be listened to while visiting the actual area the tour describes.

There is also a facility that will allow someone to listen to only the aspects of the audio tour that is of specific interest. In some instances, too, the traveller will be able to download a map or photographs of the area they’re visiting. iTours can also utilize GPS technology and can be created in a virtual fashion, which will include video as well as audio, and interactive elements.

A boon for book lovers who love to travel, the e-reader makes the need to lug lots of books on a trip or holiday no longer necessary. As an e-reader can store hundreds of books, a traveller only needs to take this slim device on their journey with them – and then they can leave their physical books at home.

Biometric Passport

A biometric passport helps to provide biometric information on a traveller for authentication purposes. Also referred to as a digital or e-passport, the biometric passport uses three types of recognition for each passport holder, namely facial, iris and fingerprint. There are also several different types of protection in place for a biometric passport, which are designed to ward off any attacks. A biometric passport can be used in many European countries, including the UK, where it was first introduced in 2006.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is a helpful program to travellers before they set off for their destination, and also when they’ve arrived at it. The fine detail of Google Maps allows anyone to see what a planned destination looks like, both in the heart of a town or city, or on its outskirts. This can mean being able to see an aerial view of a location, and then being able to zoom in on a chosen area to see individual streets close up. Google Maps can also help its users check out the surrounding areas, and ultimately help to persuade or dissuade people from visiting particular locations.

Flight Tracking

As the name implies, flight tracking involves the tracking of airline flights. It can, however, also include checking the activity at an airport as well. Flight tracking is useful for travellers who are anxious to determine whether a plane is likely to arrive, or for relatives who are keen to check on a particular flight with loved ones onboard. Flight tracking has become so sophisticated that aircrafts from all over the globe can now be successfully tracked.

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