How Can You Personalise Your Phone?

This article describes the best ways to give your mobile phone the personal touch.

As mobile phones are produced on such a continuous and mass scale it means that you will not be buying something that is particularly personal to you in its initial appearance. The huge developments that have been made however do mean that there are so many options to personalise the phone once it is yours and here are the ways that you can put your own mark on your mobile.


The most striking part of a personalised mobile is the cover that it has and there are some fantastic designs available out there. You can find covers that reflect your love for a film, a musician, a sports team or indeed anything else you like and the quality of these can be terrific in some cases. When you are choosing the cover for your phone you have to make sure that it gives the handset the protection that it needs as well as giving you the enjoyment you require from the way that it looks.

Alert tones

All mobile phones come with various alert tones built in as standard but these can often be quite dull and uninspiring. The ringtone business became huge because of the urge people had to kit their phones out with a melody that mimicked the popular songs out or even television and film theme tunes. However, it then became possible to buy or upload the songs themselves and this opened up a lot more possibilities. It is now easy to get the songs you listen to on your music player onto your phone and this is particularly helpful if you need some inspiration when the alarm goes off in the morning.

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Phone applications are becoming more and more widely used and there are some excellent ones to be found. You can use an app to play games or complete quizzes and puzzles on your phone or you can be even more practical and use them for learning languages for example.


The quality of mobile phone cameras has rocketed over the years and although this has had a detrimental effect on those that run camera shops it does mean that phones are ideal for capturing all kinds of images. Your mobile background is a great tool for reminding yourself of an image you like so make the most of it.


There is also the opportunity to get creative with the calendar on your mobile. It is perfect for keeping on track with birthdays and other events and you can download details such as gig dates and sports fixtures so you will always be reminded.

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