How Schools in Singapore Get Benefits from School and Tuition Management System

The primary objective of any organization to switch over to automating the management and the operative functions is to save time, have uniformity in the implementation of the policies, have regular controls, generate reports as when necessary and study and analyze them to facilitate designing of new strategies, achieve accuracy in the accounting activities and save time and money and achieve speed in functioning. If schools have to be run in similar manner then they also need to adopt the automated systems for a disciplined performance.

Singapore has always remained in the fore front of adopting new technologies so as to have an edge over other countries. Thanks to their acceptance and incorporation of the School and Tuition Management System in all the various school throughout the length and breadth of Singapore. Ever since then the schools in Singapore have been reaping the tremendous benefits of the system and getting all round praise from the students, parents and patrons.

There is an endless list of the tasks a school has to perform, but for convenience sake they can be categorized into three as the Academic, Administrative and Accounting. The proportion to which the schools and their branches have expanded is unimaginable and to think that how they can be managed by a single head or a body of individuals is really amazing. But the schools in Singapore are free from any such botheration because the School and Tuition Management System have given a magic wand in their hand to run their schools efficiently.

Now the Schools in Singapore are able to track each and every move of their students and also their academic progress and if need be they are promptly supported with desired academic input from the school and their teachers. Parent Teacher co-ordination is at an excellent level. School-Parent interaction is good. Both enjoy each others confidence. Exams are held in the right manner and time and the result declaration too. Teachers’ activities are monitored at the center and especially because of the web based nature of the school and tuition management software extracting data or reports is fast and accurate. This facilitates taking fast actions.

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The administration and accounting aspects like students’ admissions, payment of fees, recording of attendance, data entry, payment of salaries to the employees, receipt generations, vendor management for school supplies, past students records are being handled in smooth and efficient manner. Web based applications facilitate fast reaching of the school circulars to the parents so also the school electronic magazines. Parents, students, teachers and other people who are associated with the school are able to log in from their respective monitors any time and from any where and get their compliances addressed. Ex-students are also in regular touch with the school.

In a way we can very gladly come to the conclusion that the schools in Singapore are functioning at their best because of the School and Tuition Management System Software. It is for the other schools that have not incorporated this system to decide whether they want to function in a chaotic manner or in disciplined and professional way.

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