How to Improve the Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Life

It’s known worldwide that Samsung’s Galaxy S2 still manages to be a hit among many consumers, even if the S3 model is the newest of the two. But, before you go and buy this handset, you should be aware of the fact that it’s battery is not among the ones to last for ever.

Well, no smartphone battery does that, but there are devices which can last way longer than this one. But there are ways to help the one on the S2 go on for more than half a day/a full day. And we will demonstrate them in today’s guide about how to improve your Galaxy S2 battery life.


Since the smartphone comes with a Li-Ion 1n650 mAh battery, our post bases its tips around this unit. So let’s start.

  1. Our first advice to make the battery last longer is this: calibrate it. This should be applied whenever you flash any custom ROM.
  2. Another tip consists of the following: stay away from setting the screen’s brightness level to a very high one. You should absolutely avoid the setting called Automatic brightness adjustment.
  3. A third tip to use: don’t abuse animated wallpapers. They are known to suck a lot out of the battery of any gadget.
  4. Our fourth piece of advice: if you want to install CyanogenMod 7 on the Galaxy S2, don’t.
  5. Fifth tip that worked with our phone: get a widget known as Power Control. This tool has two purposes. 1: it tells you how to deal with Bluetooth, Brightness and other features draining the battery. And 2: it lets you disable the ones which consume the battery the most.
  6. We also recommend this tip, the sixth: freeze system processes. And by “processes” we mean bloatware.
  7. Seventh tip: use the phone’s Wi-Fi only when you absolutely need it.
  8. Tip number eight: if you have too many apps open in the device’s background and you don’t have to use them on a daily basis, you should use the integrated task killer. However, there are cases where this tool will also consume quite a bit of the battery’s life. Try it out first and if you see it’s a pain, then don’t use it anymore.
  9. Tip nine: employ something labeled Siyah Kernel. This instruments lets you modify the speed of the graphics processor, undervolt the processor and so on.
  10. The tenth tip: don’t use 3G when there’s no need for it; 2G is better to use, because it doesn’t consume a large amount of the phone’s battery.
  11. Tip 11: if the battery has to deal with extreme temperature conditions, it won’t last long. So avoid those situations whenever you can.
  12. Don’t take the battery out of the S2 every other day.
  13. Tip 13: underclock the CPU with Root Users, which is an app.
  14. Turn off the device’s auto rotate/motion sensor.
  15. When you see that the level of the battery is under 10%, charge it.
  16. Use a dry cloth to clean the battery’s contacts; do it once every 2 months.
  17. Tip number 17: when charging the unit, don’t use the USB cord; instead, employ the AC charger that ships with the smartphone.
  18. Last tip: after you take photos with the phone’s camera, remember to close the cam app. Also, refrain from snapping pics every minute of every day.

That was our list of ways to increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S2. We hope they were helpful.

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