How You Can Save Money from Printers for Your Business

Printing is expensive. Everybody knows that. And add a crappy printer and a bad day to that then you’re on for an epic fall and a grumpy day.

For business owners an investment with a good printer is a way to save. A onetime investment that will yield a long time benefits. But long ago business owners can’t be okay with only this, saving more will offer more profit. But how?

The answer came through the continuous inkjet ink systems or printers that make use of continuous inks.

Benefits of Continuous Inkjet Printers

1. You can buy ink in bulk
2. Cartridge change won’t be a hassle anymore
3. You can do printing for a long time without stopping to refill
4. The process is clean and painless
5. You save a lot from time, money and effort

Continuous Inkjet Printers in the Past

In the past continuous inkjet systems are only available to large format inkjet printers. But due to time and demand, it became available to small inkjet cartridges already. The developed product became known to everybody and has benefited lots of consumers as well as business owners.

Printers are a necessity nowadays. From papers to projects to photos to advertising sheets, it has been ingrained in our society already. Mostly inkjet printers make use lots of colored inks and it is mostly present in business’ marketing and advertising department.

How Does Continuous Inkjet Printers in the Past

Printing happens in continuous printers through the delivery of the ink to print head by series of tubes or capillary activity. The ink came from a modified cartridge flowing to the printer that sits atop the original cartridge’s place or any other place you want it. This is for printer’s that is of personal or office use. For bulk printing and big printers there is a quiet different set up. The difference? All has grown bigger.

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Some critics say that continuous printers hasten the printers’ life. Printers often have a print cycle life that by regular cartridge may take longer. With the continuous system it is shortened. Thus the printer’s became consumable item.

But then this won’t matter if good printers were put into the place in your business. Ask for good brand and have it from good manufacturers.

How do your prolong your printer’s life then? Simple: Follow the steps below: 

  • Maintain it as much as possible
  • Clean it’s print heads for better performance
  • Keep it away from dusty and dirty surface that may clog your print head
  • Use quality papers for good and safe printing
  • Use compatible inks as well depending on your printer’s brand
  • Do not over print, let your printer rest from time to time
  • Follow basic troubleshooting rules in case things happen, do not innovate, this might do bad instead of good.

Printing business and printer’s in business if done right and used right can yield the benefits you have envisioned already. Check your printer; think you are ready to switch to the continuous inkjet system?

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