I Phone Docking Station Camera

State Of The Art Hidden Spy Camera

This is a state of the art hidden spy camera and recorder that no one would ever suspect is in your I phone docking station. Many people would have an exact I phone docking station except that theirs would not contain a hidden camera and recorder. This model is compatible with I phone 3/3G/3GS/4 and 4S not available for I phone 5 but it is a work in progress. This device uses up to a 32 GB SD memory card to record the footage and then play it back via a PC or laptop. This unsuspecting device is run off the mains through the docking station. A remote control is available to change the settings remotely and without anyone becoming suspicious, these settings include motion detection mode. When in motion detection mode a 32 GB memory card can hold over 24 hours of recording and a system that can loop the SD card is available. As this is a fully functioning I phone docking station it will charge an I phone like any other compatible charger.

Where would You Use This Device?

This device could be used anywhere, you can just take it with you wherever you go, just like a normal docking station but of course this one is a spy camera. You can accidently forget it and leave it lying in just the right spot to record what is going on when you are not there. This could be handy in business if you wish to leave the room so your customers can discuss the ins and outs of the new deal you have just offered them. You would need to make an excuse to retrieve the device to watch the footage but it would give you the advantage. You could be suspicious that someone is taking things from your work desk. If you think this you can set up your camera and go back later to see who has been stealing from you.

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Where Has This Device Been Used In Real Life?

A family believed a male member of being unfaithful to his wife. The man was very close to his brothers, who would stick by him no matter what. However the mother was not very happy that one of her boys was behaving in this way and she particularly liked this sons wife and did not think she deserved to be treated in the way her son was treating her. The mother knew that the boys would talk candidly about the affair and the mother wanted to know exactly what was said and by whom. Another angle to this story is that the wife was blissfully unaware that her husband was cheating on her. The mother took matters into her own hands and left her I phone docking station camera in the room she knew her boys will be using to talk in. When she replayed the footage the rumours where true her son was seeing a younger woman and they were trying to find a way to get rid of his wife. The mother took the footage to her daughter in law and helped her to pick up the pieces.

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