Importance Of Branded Packaging & Streamlined Packing Process

There are many packaging materials available and depending on your business or individual needs the packaging you require may well need to be custom made. Every parcel that is sent out has to be properly packaged in order to ensure that first and foremost that the product(s) within the packaging does not break by the time it gets to its destination.

Unfortunately, products within packaging can break, but by having packaging specifically designed to carry your products will help to reduce the risk.

Packaging Machinery

If a company is shipping a large amount of parcels on a regular basis or high volumes of parcels at certain times of the year, then there are benefits to investing in bespoke packaging materials and also packaging machinery.

Investing in machinery to improve production levels is nothing new to any of us and the upgrade to packaging machinery from standard pick and pack has the guaranteed potential to speed up your packing process and ultimately leave scope to increase your overall output.

You could consider investing in;

Case Sealers

Case Sealers are available for different purposes and for different sized boxes. Some are automatic that adjust to the correct sized box, whilst others are programmable and semi automatic. The automatic case sealers are more expensive, but depending on the amount of boxes that are required to be sealed this might be the best investment for a company that are packing boxes manually and at the same time wasting many man hours.

Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrappers are very useful for companies that need to wrap pallets in order to stack boxes neatly. Again there are different types of pallet wrapping machines and depends mainly on the weight that needs to be lifted and wrapped. Pallet wrappers are able to wrap boxes/cartons automatically, making the process less time consuming and easier for staff.

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Case Erectors

Carton formers and card box erectors are extremely useful for a business that is often assembling boxes and cartons by hand. This can be a painstaking and time-consuming process that could cost many staffing hours and therefore, could be an immensely profitable long-term investment for a company. 


Bespoke Packaging Materials

The main benefit to having bespoke packaging designed is that when in transit your product should be afforded a better level of protection due to custom fit packaging. To take your packaging to the next level you could consider printed company logos or slogans on the box itself or printed branded tape to seal the packages.

There are several packaging options available, a number of which are customisable. A few examples of packaging materials are listed below:

  • Printed tape
  • Packaging Tapes and Dispenses
  • Stretch-film
  • Bubble Wrap cushioning material
  • Strapping
  • Corrugated Paper Rolls
  • Air Cushioning
  • Pack and Wrap
  • Wood Cases and Pallets
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Specialist Packing –  packing large pieces of machinery for export

Depending on a company’s packaging requirements, the packaging required will be different each time. Packaging materials in certain industries can often play a big part of a companies brand, image and perception, therefore getting the packaging and labelling/branding right is essential.

As you can expect some companies prefer the recyclable option of packaging and packaging materials as do the majority of consumers. Being green and watching our carbon footprint has become more and more important so your company doing its bit will sit well with customers.

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