It’s So Small! How Used Portable Ultrasound Machines Get Around

We can miniaturize almost anything these days. Poodles, computers, TV sets, and even cars are now being miniaturized. As technology, research and manufacturing become more sophisticated, inventors and developers have found new ways to make just about anything smaller. Including ultrasound machines. More precisely, portable ultrasound machines.

But portable ultrasound machines are nothing new, though their size keeps getting tinier. Moreover, they are becoming more powerful.

In fact, the market for portable ultrasound machines has exploded in the last decade, and even more so now that they have longer lasting batteries and are not tethered to some electrical outlet. Standard ultrasound systems are large, bulky, expensive, and need carts to roll them around. Plus, they need access to an outlet. Conversely, portable ultrasound machines do not.

Because of their typically lower cost, many medical professionals, hospitals, researchers, scientists, schools, the military and urgent care centers are able to affordably trade in their used units for new ones. This has created a profitable for used used portable ultrasound as not every doctor, etc., can afford the newer models.

Used Portable Ultrasound

The refurbishing and selling of used portable ultrasound equipment has become a booming industry. Buyers of these machines can easily source out from a plethora of resellers easily found on the internet. Like with all businesses, though, not every refurbing reseller brings the same amount of excellence to their work, whether it pertains to customer service, warranties, or the technical workmanship on the unit. Prices can vary broadly, as well, even for the same unit. Shopping around is advised. It is also suggested that if you are in the market for a used portable ultrasound device that you ask any peers who may have purchased one how they feel about the unit they bought, and all the other tangibles that went along with the sale and afterwards.

Benefits of Buying a Used Portable Ultrasound Machine

Using the SonoSite MicroMaxx as a measuring tool, a medical professional could easily spend upwards of $30,000 for a new unit. Some distributors may include a probe or two to go along with the purchase. But a used SonoSite MicroMaxx can easily be bought for under $15,000. That is a huge savings of 50%, and, for most medical businesses, when capital outlay is already astronomically high due to the technology that medical environments require, this kind of reduction in price makes a big difference, especially where it concerns cash flow.

Probes can be quite expensive as well. Many transducers retail for around $6,000, but refurbished units can provide great savings as well.

Used Portable Ultrasound Warranties and Training

Warranties are also important to consider. Some go as high as five years while others can be as low as one year. Support and training are also important to consider when purchasing a used portable ultrasound system. Getting the machine cheap does not always mean that the remanufacturer will provide you the best customer service, support and training you need to use your machine to the best of its capability. Most medical professionals can grasp technology quickly, but the truth is some of these machines are very sophisticated and training may be needed.

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Used Portable Ultrasound Customer Service

Additionally, your provider may be able to help you learn ways to use your unit that you may not have thought of. This is because many have heard all of the questions before, and, through their own testing, have come to understand the breadth that these machines can be used for. Plus, you may have operating questions down the road long after the sale, and maybe even after the warranty expires, but you will still want to be treated like an existing and important customer. This means you may have to pay just a little more for your used portable ultrasound machine to get the most out of your unit in the long run. Exceptional customer service cannot be emphasized enough.

Used Portable Ultrasound Repair

Also, the best distributors have a network of ultrasound technicians that can be dispatched to your location in case the system goes down or an element is not working properly. This saves time, money, and the hassle of shipping your unit back to the remanufacturer.

System upgrade for both hardware and software in the future is typically available for used machines.

Used Ultrasound Financing

For those of you on a tight budget who see that buying a used portable ultrasound machine is the way to go, then you may also be glad to know that many distributors have leasing options and other creative financing plans. Each company is different so you will have to contact them to learn what each offers.

Used Ultrasound Accessories

Also, you may need printers, additional monitors, transducers, and other related equipment. Not every reseller sells these refurbished, but the best ones do, saving you time in your search while keeping more money in your pocket without sacrificing quality.

Finally, if you are wondering what your used unit may look like, the best remanufacturers provide you with a machine that not only looks cosmetically new, but acts brand new as well as every unit undergoes thorough reconditioning and testing before being offered for sale. This means you will essentially be buying a unit like new.

How to Purchase Used Portable Ultrasound Equipment

As stated above, the best way to source for these systems is over the internet as you can do a lot in a little bit of time. Ask your peers and read reviews online of the units you are considering. Ask the potential seller if there are any units locally you can look at. This option may not always be available, but if it is important to you, at least you can ask.


If you are in the market currently, or will be soon, for these types of machines, a great place to start with a company which has been in business for as long as portable ultrasound machines have been on the market. Used Ultrasound at Imaging Associates is one such location. Ask around and be as detailed as you need and know what you need. Check out different providers, save money, and get a great machine for your practice.

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