Key Advantages for Storing Your Data Online

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on online data storage systems. There are a number of benefits with moving your data to an online storage center. You can save a lot of money, your data is more secure and reduce the risk of losing documents. Here are some of the benefits you should consider.

Online Storage is a Lot Cheaper

The cost of storing data online has dropped markedly over the past few years. You can store data online for about $1.50 a gigabyte. You can get even better deals with economies of scale if you purchase larger data packages.

Storing your data online allows you to eliminate the costs of housing and securing papers and hardware. Those costs can add up considerably, because they include hiring: employees to oversee your discs and drives; insurance; and paying for storage space.

Increased Security

Storing data on hard drives, discs or paper creates a number of security risks. A number of people have access to these documents, which creates the risk that they could be lost, stolen or damaged.

Fortunately, those risks are drastically reduced when you use an online storage center. Companies that provide online storage services have considerable resources and use them to make security their highest priority. Hackers will have a much more difficult time pilfering any data you store through an online data storage provider than data you store remotely on your own machines.

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Longer Life Expectancy

Most hard drives won’t last much more than 5 years. According to recent research, almost a tenth of all hard drives will be stop working within 24 months.

Data stored online generally last much longer than data stored elsewhere. You don’t want to store sensitive data without being assured that it will be safe for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, online data centers will back up all your files multiple times on different servers to minimize the risk that any of your data will be lost.

Superior Backup Services

Online data centers back their data up constantly. Some servers will back the data up every day. Also, it is possible for the provider to recover the data if a file is ever corrupted. You would have to worry about manually backing up your own data otherwise and you would run the risk of losing any data that is damaged during the backup or updating process.

Consider Taking Your Data Online

Online data storage continues to become cheaper and easier to implement. You may feel that moving your data over will take a lot of time and energy. However, you will likely find the investment is well orth it in the long run.

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