Learn Web Designing For a Promising Career

Web designing is a very sought after and promising career path. However, it is marred by a lot of misconceptions and confusion. This article tries to debunk some of the myths and ambiguities related to web designing.

The advent of Internet or World Wide Web has thrown open doors for a plethora of exciting work opportunities. With so many areas of expertise associated to it and an equal number of companies working on these areas, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Internet has grown to become world’s biggest employer of all time. Careers which didn’t exist in pre-internet era have now become the most respected, the best paid and hence the most sought after of all. Web designers, Web developers, SEO experts, Data analysts, Social Media experts are just a few shining stars of this galaxy of Internet. While all these jobs hold equal relevance and popularity, Web designing has its own edge over others to be decidedly chosen as better among equals. A profession which serves as the base of Internet, web designers is the most indispensable part of the www universe. These professionals are responsible for the creation of every eye-catching or ugly design that you might have come across on the net.

Anyone can become a web designer: A myth

Web designers are the professionals who use a variety of tools and their know-how of some computer languages to create the presentation of a web page. While the knowledge required to become a good web designer is subjective to the candidate’s ability and aspirations, the compulsory part includes knowledge of HTML, CSS and a designing tool like Dreamweaver. All these can be easily learnt in a web designing course at some good institute. However, what these institutes fail to teach is creativity, design sense, logical thinking and dealing with stress.  Therefore thinking that anyone can become a web designer is really a misconception.

Web designing is different from Web development!

Another perennial argument is regarding the difference between Web designing and Web development. While one school of thinking keeps it in the same basket, there is another faction which calls both totally different from each other. The truth can be figured out from this fact, all web designers can become web developers, however not all web developers can become web designers. Web development requires knowledge of server-side scripting languages like PHP, .Net and Java, and databases like MySql. Learning these languages is not an easy task at all; however with a little effort and persistence, one can quickly climb on to the ladder of web development.

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Self Learning or Training?

A major point of contention for aspiring designers is how to learn web designing. While there is no particular degree for becoming a web designer, there are plenty of certificate courses and diplomas which promise to make you a proficient, highly skilled and successful web designer. Nothing comes for free and same holds true for these web designing institutes that charge hefty fees for delivering the training.  The maximum concentration of these institutes lies in metros like Web designing courses in Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore, which are also educational hubs.  Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore hold some relevance and reliability as the institutes here are certified. There are some, for whom self-learning works better than anything else. There are plenty of resources available online, tutorials that will guide you step by step and learning from these resources will ensure that you get the best of training without spending a penny.

Web Designers are not paid well! Really?

A misconception that has travelled deep in the designing fraternity is that the average salaries of web designers are very less. However, the correct way to put this fact in forth is that the starting salary of web designers is less as compared to the starting salary of programmers and software engineers. As web designer gains experience and learns new things, the options also widen and salary also rises exponentially, making them at par with the programmers.

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