Make Sure Popular Smartphone Platforms

Technology has made some great strides over the last 15 years especially with cellular phones. When cell phones first popped up, they looked so big & were so expensive. Remember the brick? A lot of people couldn’t afford them and they weren’t super portable like the small, sleek ones available now. It was like carrying a 5 pound suitcase. Now, not only we are able to afford them, our phones have a lot more features than those 80’s bricks could imagine, like taking pictures and connecting wirelessly to the internet. It’s totally incredible! Now we have several different platforms and different providers we can choose from to satisfy our need for the greatest gadgets.

Do you prefer A or A?

Android and Apple are probably the top two most popular smartphone platforms in the market right now. Both are technologically advanced and have a lot of different apps to make smartphones even more unique. People love the fact that you change and customize your phone to meet your individualistic needs.


I love that Android has over 600,000 applications ranging from popular games to tutorials to changing the look on the screens. You can make your Android phone look like an iPhone without actually purchasing an iPhone. If interested, you can also make an Android look like a Blackberry or a Windows phone. People like the versatility of the phones now the customizing is even an option. Androids have different versions of Siri-like guides by downloading an application to make your phone “talk” like the popular iPhone.

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Apple also makes wonderful products such as iPhones and iPads which have become very popular these days. Apple also has a ton of applications; a lot of their apps are similar to Android’s applications. Some people do complain that there are certain restrictions that Apple has with their services. A good chunk of the apps can only be downloaded from the iTunes Store, but there are over 650,000 apps available on that site and most of them have a free version.

Apps individualize your phone and tailor it to your needs

It all boils down to personal preference. Some platforms do let you make changes and others do not. I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years brings as far as phones. I never thought that we would be able to see the person you are talking to when they’re not in the same vicinity as you are.

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