Make Sure What is Google Glass?

By now most people have heard about the debut of Google Glass. But just what exactly is it? And how will it impact the mobile technology industry?

Google Glass is a powerful set of eyewear straight out of a science fiction movie. The augmented reality glasses, which come in charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton and sky hues, are the latest trend in hands-free communication. Users wear the futuristic spectacles on their faces and use voice commands to multitask under constant connectivity.

These smart glasses, which use Google’s Android operating system, are programmed to perform a wide array of tasks that are currently left to smartphones and tablets. “Okay, Glass,” wearers say in Google’s introductory video. The bespectacled enthusiasts then demonstrate the use of natural language commands to achieve their goals. The following are examples of a user’s capabilities with Google Glass.

Record videos

Capture memories without being on the sidelines. Make a record of an important meeting. Create a video of a surgical procedure. Users participate in the world and record video at the same time.

Text message

No typing is necessary. Tell Google Glass what to say to a friend and the message is sent via text.

Video chat

Invite everyone along on a vacation. Friends and family see what the glasses see as users bring them along to faraway places with Google+ hangouts.

Take pictures

Share first-person still images. Document the license plate number of a traffic violator. Short verbal imperatives direct a camera embedded in the glasses to snap photographs on command.

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Get directions

Find the nearest ice cream shop without missing a beat. Get to the next client’s location in a hurry. Google Glass provides directions while the user is moving about.

Find information

Research a particular tree while ambling through the arboretum. Translate phrases during a trip to China. The information quickly appears on a screen inside the glasses or is announced through an earpiece, so the user never has to look down at a phone.

Picking up where Bluetooth ear pieces left off, Google Glass is set to expand and revolutionize the mobile world by keeping users connected. The glasses do everything smartphones can do, and more, while eliminating the burden of hand-holding a device. In a world addicted to mobile technology and social networking, the average person may find it increasingly difficult to balance sharing and communicating with being present in their day to day lives. This new technology could prove to be the solution.

Though not yet available to everyone, Google is taking applications for a limited number of Explorers, beta users who are privileged with being the first to purchase and test out the $1,500 device. While the reception of Google Glass has been generally positive, the verdict is still out on whether or not the world will be impressed enough to embrace this mobile advancement and make mere smartphones a thing of the past.

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