Moving into the Future: Must Have Technology for your New Home

Today, moving to a new home means more than just finding another building to call your own. With the chance to move up and into the future with technologies that are now making appearances in our daily lives, it’s no wonder that so many people are seeking out homes that contain some of the most cutting edge advances. While you could always install some of these modern gadgets and technologies later, why not look for a home that already has made the move from the stone age? Consider seeking out these five technologies in your new house.

Total Floor Plan Lighting Control

There’s more than just ‘coolness’ to total floor plan lighting control; there’s total convenience that comes with it as well. By using a small floor plan switch, you can turn on and off lights in specific rooms throughout your home without moving at all. On the controller, you’ll see the room you’ve chosen light up to indicate that the lights are on, allowing super-simple use of the micro console. Generally using only a tap of the finger, you can not only turn lights on and off throughout your house, but customize controls and timing for specific rooms, days, and times. The best part about it is that you don’t have to give up your traditional light switches either, as the micro-control system works with and in conjunction with them.

See Through Television

Some homes, especially technologically advanced ones, will often come with appliances already installed. This is particularly true if the appliance is large and increases the likelihood of the home’s sale. One such appliance is the newer transparent television. Though you might think that panel of glass in the living room of a home you’re viewing is strange, with the push of a simple button, it transforms into a television! With technology this great, it’s easy to see how that flat panel of glass offers superb viewing and vivid details, allowing anyone to seamlessly integrate a television into the perfect, family-friendly room.

Home Automation and Security

You used to see homes of the future on movies that allowed the owner to control every aspect of the house, from doors and locks, to lighting and the security system, from a simple control panel or even with their voices. At one time, something like this might have seemed impossible, but today, home automation not only exists, but gets better each year. These days, you can have complete control both at home and while you’re away, using a variety of devices including your cell phone. With strategically positioned sensors and cameras, as well as mechanical and magnetic systems, your home can really be a futuristic sanctuary kept safe from the outside world with the right home automation system.

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LED Ceiling Lights

Ever want to bring the starry night inside and enjoy the twinkling of your own constellations? LED lighting panels in your ceiling make it possible to enjoy the beauty of nighttime without having to brave the bugs and weather. By using hundreds of panels that are all controlled by a laser pointer, you can create works of art that provide just the right amount of lighting to any room at any time. Totally customizable patterns allow you to write messages or just have fun, all while lighting up the rooms where you want to spend the most time.

Advanced Cooking

Cooking, too, has stepped into the modern century with a plethora of new appliances that can be controlled much in the same way as a home automation system. If you want to learn how simple cooking can be with the right tools, and make your life easier at the same time, look for computerized ovens and refrigerators that can do just about everything for you, including telling you what’s inside. Cutting edge technology allows refrigerators to keep track of what’s inside and ovens allow control via a computer interface that can be accessed there in the kitchen, or in another place from your smart phone. With settings pre-programmed for just about everything, cooking dinner or dessert has never been easier!

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