Must Have Best Android Apps For Tablets 2013

The popularity of android tablets has got lots of reasons like low price and wide availability of apps. Although available apps are largest in case of iPad but it’s not available in budget price. That’s why people have only one option left i.e. buying an android tablet.

Android tablet have got the most genuine android app source i.e. GooglePlay store and their users can download thousands of apps from that source. But if you get confused easily between apps that which one to install or which one to not, then I’m here to help you. As you bought a new tablet so you should install all the listed apps because these apps are the must have best android apps for tablets in 2013.

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Everyone likes to update his/her knowledge about latest technology or news going around the world and since you’ve bought tablet so you don’t need to worry about newspapers now.

Install this free app on your android tablet and get updates from all news websites and social websites right at one stop. You can even get stuff which your friends are sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The UI is designed excellent and the app is very easy to use. You can even save some news or article which you can read later. To get best of the world’s news look around the staff picks category within the app.


This app is for web entrepreneurs as you must be using WordPress for any of your blog or website. Best thing for you is that you can control your blog or website right from your tablet now using the official WordPress app.

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It features all the options which you see in your browser when you login into WordPress dashboard. The app isn’t too hard to use but it will take time to get going with the compact version of this most popular blog platform.

Evernote Food

Who don’t like food? Everyone does, right? So install this app on your android tablet for free and have fun with the food you eat in your daily lifestyle or you wish to eat.

You can easily memorize that which recipe you tasted at which restaurant using this app which will make easier for you to remember and sharing it with your social networks. You can try using Evernote app too.

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game

This one is a top level game available for free for your android tablet. If your tablet has got at least 1GHz of processor then try this app to pass your boring time.

Graphics in this game are superb as it’s an official game. The story play is similar which you saw in Iron Man 3 movie. You need to fight against all A.I.M. forces growing around your world.


Always wonder to have someone who can always there to make you remember of all you need to do in a day? Then try this free app on your tablet.

This app will provide you with a virtual assistant with whom you can talk and get information via voice messages. You will have an avatar of a girl who will always assist you. You can put all your tasks in this app and then she will notify you about them on time via voice notifications.

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