Narcotics Detection Technology

Since 2005, the Department of Defense has shelled out $6.1 Billion for illegal drug surveillance, intervention and prevention.  With that being said, technology has come to the rescue in aiding the obstruction of the flow of illicit narcotics, both into and out of the United States.  Detection technology is attempting to keep up with the ever-increasing challenges of staying one step ahead of drug/narcotics possession, usage and trafficking, the world over.

Druggies Beware:

Both, hand-held and tabletop detection equipment are extremely sophisticated and if drug users, providers and traffickers knew how technologically advanced the science of drug detection has become, they might think twice before possessing any drug or narcotics contraband while attempting to cross any borders, or trying to get on an airline or venturing to ship illegal substances across state lines.

These pieces of state-of-the-art equipment are capable of detecting even microscopic trace particles of narcotics on clothing and baggage items.    Even narcotics that are shipped in bulk, inside cargo containers and trucks, can be revealed using high-energy x-ray technology without one ever opening the containers.


Table-mounted equipment can detect the presence, simultaneously, of both narcotics and explosives in and on clothing and baggage while the items are moved in front of the equipment’s sensor eye.  Over 40 substances can be detected and identified in 8 seconds!  A large touch-screen display gives the machine operator a vivid, easy-to-read image.

Aside from government and military use, local law enforcement agencies use these invaluable machines as well as facility-security professionals who can better secure access points to commercial buildings, courthouses and correctional facilities.


Hand-held devices, about the size of a lunchbox, serve as an astounding detection tool to reveal contraband.  But don’t let the size of these little guys fool you.   They are capable of immediate and accurate identification of over 3,200 chemical substances!  Completely mobile and easy to use, they remain a highly-specific device utilizing the most advanced technology for this type of application.

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An extended sensor tip simply touches an article of clothing, for example, and the machine, immediately, performs an exhaustive analysis of anything drug or narcotics-related that has come in  contact with the item, as well as explosive substances and bio-hazardous chemicals.  Unknown powders, solids, gels and liquids can be clearly identified within seconds!  And if that isn’t impressive enough, this little marvel has Bluetooth communications built right in.

A different version of hand-held technology involves the use of a specialized cotton glove which glides over a suspected article.  The sampling on the glove is transferred to a screened component which is inserted into a port on the hand-help apparatus.  The machine then processes the information and provides a detailed analysis of what was found, within 40 seconds.  All results are indicated on an on-board LCD screen.   Minute drug traces that can be detected are 1) Cocaine  2) Opiates/Heroine and Morphine  3) Cannabis/Marijuana and Hashish and  4) Amphetamine-type stimulants/Methamphetamines.

Those That Benefit:

An array of settings can benefit from the use of these astounding pieces of drug-detection technology, including:

1. Local police and law enforcement agencies

2. Correctional institutions including prisons and youth-detention facilities

3. Customs and border control

4. Aviation and marine carriers

5. Postal installations

6. Airport security

Technology. an indispensable partner in helping to take a bite out of crime!

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