Newer Tech Voyager Q Hard Drive Docking Solution Review

Looking for the easiest and the quickest way to transfer or backup all the data from your internal SATA hard drive? Do you have a lot of hard disks and want to access the data from them with ease? The Voyager Q – Hard Drive Docking Solution is the right thing for you. This is a great addition to your computer if you happen to work with a lot of internal hard disks. With this hard disk dock, you don’t have to open your computer to access data from an internal hard drive. You can conveniently access data from any SSD or SATA I/II drive.
Let’s dive deep in to technical specifications, features and what this device offers.

– Design and Build
Looks somewhat like a small toaster mainly because we need to insert the drive from the top. The slot which can handle 2.5″ as well as 3.5″ SATA and SSD has a spring mechanism that secures the hard disk in place once inserted. All the ports are arranged neatly on the backside of the device. Without fans, the Voyager not only performs fast, but also stays quiet and doesn’t produce much heat.

– Device Support
This hard disk dock supports all SATA drives which includes, 6Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s and also 3Gb/s. This device also supports SSD (Solid-State-Drive) which is the preferred and most popular hard drive type in the market right now. You can slide an SSD of up to 4TB in capacity in this device and start accessing data seamlessly from your computer.

– Interface
One can connect the device to the computer with any one of the followingports. eSATA, Firewire 800, Firewire 400, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. The choice of port depends up the type of computer you have.

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– Plug and Play
Forget external hard drive enclosures. With the NewerTech Voyager you can save money and time. Simply insert a SATA drive in the dock and access the data, as if you are accessing it from your SD card.

– Hot Swap
Hop plug or hot swap means, you can replace hard disks from the dock without having to restart the device or the computer. This comes very handy when you have several hard disks. When you are done with one, you can eject it and insert a new drive.

– OS support
You can connect this device with literally any computer. Connect it with your custom build machine or any pre-built PC you bought. All versions of Windows, Linux and Macintosh are compatible with the dock. The one thing that you need to consider is the fact that, with some older operating systems, there might be a small restriction. For instance, if you are using Mac version older than 10.2 or Windows XP 32 bit, the computer may not recognize drives that are over 2TB.

Good – Simple and easy to use design, 2.5″ and 3.5″ support, wide variety of connection ports and fast data transfer rate.
Bad – No IDE support. (IDE is obsolete anyway)

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Final Words
This device is pretty versatile and delivers great performance. This is a must have device for people who have to deal with a lot of internal hard disks. Most importantly, you don’t have to pick up a screw driver and open your computer’s case every single time.

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