Portable DVD Players For Cars – Great For Families

Sometimes on a long journey; driving for hours to get to your holiday campsite, or visiting that relative who moved to the other side of the country, the last thing that you want is the kids playing up in the back of the car.

Not only is it incredibly irritating, but it can also be quite a distraction to your driving, which can potentially be unsafe. As such you want something to keep the kids entertained, and unfortunately there’s a limit to how long kids will find i-spy type games like car snooker riveting.

However, the introduction of a piece of kit such as a portable DVD player can transform the whole experience and make long car journeys almost a joy.


Although a game of snap might be fun, sometimes it just doesn’t match up to watching your favourite film. Not only will watching a DVD keep kids busy for the journey, but they will probably enjoy the time more too.

Of course with a portable DVD player, you have to make do with a smaller screen; it’s an unfortunate necessity that enables it to be portable. However, this doesn’t mean that the viewing experience has to be significantly inferior. Many modern portable DVD players feature brilliant resolution, crystal clear screens, and some even have surround sound capabilities, giving you a great viewing experience even while on the move.


Although you might be able to legitimately keep the kids entertained with a game of I Spy,  for a short period, on a ten-hour trip down to Cornwall, even the best car game starts to get boring, for the kids and for you. So you have to continually thinking of new games, which can be quite demanding. Things such as books and card games also start to lose their charm after a while. However, with a DVD player, most kids can keep themselves entertained for hours on end without getting bored.

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Let’s say you’ve got a 5 hour road-trip to make. By taking along a DVD player and two films, you’ve given the kids something to do for the majority of the journey (potentially the whole of the journey if they’re longer films). Also by taking a range of DVDs; films and TV series, if they get bored of watching one thing, they can watch something else.


While enthralled in their favourite film or cartoon, the kids won’t be making much noise, but it can still be an irritant hearing the sound effects. To remedy this, portable DVD players have headphone jacks to ensure that people not watching aren’t disturbed. Not only is watching a DVD a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the kids, but with a set of earphones or headphones, a portable DVD player can make a car journey relaxing for the adults.

Even if you have two children watching a DVD you still won’t have to endure the sound effects out loud as many portable DVD players come with dual headphone jacks. This enables the viewing experience to be shared with those who want to listen, without the accompanying noise being forcibly shared with the rest of the car.


Not only do portable DVD players provide visual entertainment, they are also capable of playing CDs, and can act as great music players. This can be a great means of helping a child drift off to sleep in the back of the car.

Getting a portable DVD player can be a great move for families that need to make long road trips. It’s a great means of keeping children entertained and making sure they’re not a distraction. So to save countless questions of ‘are we there yet?’ consider getting a portable DVD player for your car today!

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