Producing Amazingly Perfect Videos: Impeccable Insights

The digital world has had radical touch on society. With the Internet revolution the current public has become more informed than ever before in human history. Social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more, are attracting huge hordes of fans. What is more interesting is that the fans are more fascinated by videos than anything else!

The 2013 Video Benchmark Report by Adobe indicates that social media users share, like, comment and engage in video content more often than all other forms of content. According to the report, the likelihood of a social media user engaging in video content is more than twice the likelihood of engaging in non-video content such as text, pictures and links. That sounds fascinating!

What does this confounding revelation mean?

It implies that videos are more potent in marketing than all others forms of content. It means that videos reach more people than all other forms of content. According to the study, video viral accounted for around 77% of all the content that reach targeted audience. The video posts are seen by more people through their feeds, the feeds of their friends and brand pages. The study also revealed that more people view the videos through their old-fashioned PCs than through other media. Tablets come in second while phones trail behind. Video engagement has also been on the rise in the recent years, rising from 42% in 2011 to 70% in 2012. In fact, a number of smart organizations with have already tapped into the video potential to spur their sales.

The challenge is, however, how to create amazing videos that can grasp the attention of target audience. The video production barrier is the reason behind inability of media companies to exploit the full potential of videos in social media.

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Videos should be significantly attention grabbing. The first ten seconds of viewing should be thrilling because most target audience would be gone after initial ten seconds while only around 50% will watch the video for about a minute. Short, action-packed, lively videos are the best.

The video should last for two minutes since audiences can only guzzle short bursts of information at ago. If the video goes to three minutes, it would be more than necessary. Since most people would usually be engaged in other activities while viewing the videos, it is prudent to pass as much information in the shortest time.

Lots of movement online would make the video to appear jittery and the audience’ eyeball would never be kept on it.

Corporate video production is becoming important tool with SEO and Internet marketing. Why? It’s simple…

First of all, because if you have video posted on your Website you will realize that people appreciate to get concepts explained with images rather than having to read explanation.

Our habits make us trust more to what we see, much more and earlier than to what we read.

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