Secure Your Family’s Investment

Maybe you’re thinking of what investment I’m talking about? When I say investment, it’s your family, your house,
lovely Porsche, or even your pets. We are living in a world full of bad people, including you and me, a world wherein it just so happened to be filled of criminal-minded people like those whom we see in the news every day. Murder, homicide, theft, rape and the list goes on and on. These kinds of people are lurking in our cities and especially our neighborhood and that’s the reason why we need to secure our investments.

By doing so, there are products in the market which islabeled as ‘home security system’, wherein the company will install any of the following: CCTV system, Smokecloak , alarm sensor, and other specialized alarms to protect your family and your belongings.

CCTV or also known as closed circuit television is a surveillance system that will be able to monitor live activities in one central point. It is very important against theft and crime investigation.

Smokecloak is integrated with the alarm system. If the alarm is triggered it will release a harmless, ‘dry’ fog, for the intruder to have a hard time to escape and maybe gain vision and fail to get what he wants.

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Alarm sensor is a wireless device that could detect any intruders even before they enter your house.

Home security statistics shows that:

In the United States of America,every 13 seconds a home burglary occurs.
There are 2.5Million+ home intruders are caught every year
Every 1 minute there are 2 cars that are being stolen and almost 2,500+ cars a day.
2 Million burglars are being reported every year.
Up to 300% of homes are likely to be break into if the home has no security system.
Thieves use simple tools to break-in: a simple screwdriver, pliers, and hammers are the most common that are being used.
And more importantly only 13% of burglaries are being caught due to lack of evidence and also witnesses.
Just reviewing the statistics above, you really can’t predict the safety of your family. Rather than predicting the future, why not prevent it from happening. As everyone has been saying, prevention is better than cure.

These modern equipments are very important to save the lives of our loved ones. If you really care about your family and your investments, I do suggest that you inquire about this home security system. You have many options out there, but I recommend that you do not choose the dangerous path.

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