SharePoint 2010 Training – Effective Ways To Train The End Users

Most of the business organizations prefer to work in the same environments and with the same technology as used by them for the last many years. There are some employees in the organization that resist the implementation of new technology and other changes as they are comfortable in using the existing processes. As a business owner you might face serious issues in implementing the latest Version of SharePoint in your organization as only some people understand its power and the benefits it might offer to the organization.

Those who are keen to learn and gain knowledge of the latest technology will accept the implementation of SharePoint 2010 in the organizations while other who does not wish to undergo a change will badmouth and push back its introduction. The best way to make the employees comfortable with a new version of SharePoint is to train them. SharePoint 2010 training is the best way to implement it effectively in your business routine. Here are some effective ways using which you can train the end users.

Online Training

Online tutorials serve as the best tool for educating the users on a topic. The best way to start the training process is to have an access to all the relevant websites that offer all the relevant information regarding the usage of this version of SharePoint. You can easily locate various platforms that provide information regarding all the levels of SharePoint to the user and guide them in using its features.

Interactive Training Sessions

Educating the end users in an interactive environment can deliver outstanding results. You can create a presentation on the use of SharePoint 2010. Including a question answer section at the end of the presentation can be highly beneficial. Technical questions related to the use of this technology can be helpful in resolving the problems faced by the employees in using it.

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Articles and Books

Let the users explore the topic by providing them access to the best books and articles related to the SharePoint 2010. An online library can be helpful in the long run as the users can resolve their queries by visiting it any time.


Demonstrations serve as an effective tool to explain the functioning of the specific features of SharePoint 2010 and can prove to be highly beneficial for the users. You can also provide the users with this web application and allow them to use it following the steps shown in the demonstration. This will provide a better know-how of the functioning of the web application.

Create a Community of SharePoint Users

Creating a SharePoint 2010 community allows the users to share their ideas, discuss their problems and get an effective solution for the same. This interactive mode of training the employees will surely deliver positive results. In order to develop the interest of the users in learning the various tools of this application you can also include the contents in the community created by you and offer rewards to the winner.

These are some of the effective ways in which you can train the end users for using SharePoint 2010. Encouraging the users to learn the various tool of this application and making them aware of its benefits can make the process easier to a great extent.

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