Some Tips on How To Use Your Dropbox and Other Cloud Services

Cloud services have entered our digital life and now it’s hard to imagine how we could have dealt without them. There a lot of different services, and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a personal choice of every user which service to use. But I think that hardly anyone will argue about the fact that cloud services are useful. To add to this I can say that the use of cloud services today is not limited only by simple file keeping. In this article I’d like to share with you some other ways of using Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.

The use of portable apps

Portable apps are a real way out when you need to solve a problem without keeping tracks in the computer’s register or the app you simply isn’t installed on the device. Initially such apps were launched from USB drives. But you can put a portable app in your cloud service and have access to it any time you need it without thinking about USB drive.

Get files from any users
Some Tips on how to use your Dropbox and other cloud services

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If you need to get different files from several users you may use a special service called DropItToMe. You need to register an account in this service and after that you’ll get the address of a special page and a password. By sending this information to the users you give them the possibility to upload files into a certain Dropbox folder.

Information against a rainy day

You can often hear some advice considering making copies of the important documents (like passport or driver license) that you may need in case you’ve lost your documents while abroad (and in other cases as well). You can scan all documents you need and put the scans into a special cloud folder where they can be accessible from anywhere in the world (well, surely as far as you can get connected to the Internet).

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Keeping offline maps with your routes

Google Chrome browser has a very useful function of printing PDF files. You can open Google Maps on your computer, create a route you may need to use and save it in the PDF format in your cloud folder. Thus you may get the routes of your possible travelling prepared beforehand. All you need to do is to download on you smartphone or tablet PDF routes and you won’t be lost even without Internet connection.

Web site hosting

If you’re looking for a place to host a simple and not very heavy site, then it’s not necessarily to use either free or paid web hostings. You may use your cloud storage for that purpose.

Looking for your lost device

Dropbox client automatically connects to a server when the client is launched. During the connection IP address is recorded. You can use this feature if your device is stolen. To enable this feature go to Settings area, after that choose the tab called Security and in the My device table you’ll see the list of sessions. If you put a mouse cursor on a specific icon you’ll get a tip with a network address of the latest connection.

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