Starting a New Career As Heating Engineer

As there is a progress in heating engineering field, many people today consider starting their career as a heating engineer. The most important question is what impact it will have in the future. To start your career, training in heating engineering as well as other technological development in the market is required. Heating engineering courses involve a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its products. The courses provide the individual with knowledge and responsibilities in all aspects of heating and installations.

What requires being a heating engineer?

To become a heating engineer, qualification to meet the requirement of the law is necessary. This is because; the engineers should be up-to-date- with the latest Law and building codes to work within the required boundaries. It is always better to undertake courses in design and installation, plumbing and central heating as it covers all the important aspects of plumbing, maintenance and fault finding as well as domestic plumbing.

An added advantage will be retrained in heating and ventilation as a heating engineer.  There are a few firms who prefer to hire heating engineers during their training so that all the employees are trained in a similar manner. The reason why some of the firms follow this practice is simply to take advantage of the most proficient person and help them to support the funding of their certification program. It is also done to ensure that all trainees are competent of doing the job up to their standards.

What are the skills required to become a heating engineer?

In addition to the course, you need to have a few skills to be a successful heating engineer. The preferred skills include:

  • The ability to use your own initiative
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Outstanding organizational and communication skill
  • Good numerical and literacy skill
  • To work efficiently during any emergency situation
  • To be thoroughly aware of the industry and the changes made
  • A good problem solving technical skills
  • To be aware of the rules and regulations and other safety issues in the working environment
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 What are the job responsibilities of a heating engineer?

The heating engineer jobs involve numerous responsibilities. These include –

  • Inspection and testing of new heating and hot and cold water installation
  • Installation of complex pipework system and heating equipment within large buildings
  • Undertaking all aspects of gas system and heating installation work
  • Commissioning and maintaining work associated with gas equipment
  • Ensuring safety methods of work including safe operation of plant and equipment
  • Undertaking special work associated with gas installation without any supervision or direction
  • Using plant and equipment such as special fault finding equipment or combustion tester
  • Promoting good plant husbandry and ensuring that plant and equipment checks are carried out properly
  • Ensuring that the plant, equipment and all vehicles are kept in a clean condition by the fellow operatives
  • Ensuring all plants and materials are acquired and requisitioned correctly.
  • Reporting defects for any machinery and equipment’s without any delay.
  • Ensuring that correct records of work are maintained including any unmeasured work, variations or any lost time for works.
  • Taking decision quickly in times of any emergency
  • To be available on client calls even during the weekends on a roster basis
  • To be responsible for submitting timesheet on a weekly basis
  • To deal with customers more professionally
  • To carry out other associated duties that falls within the responsibilities of the heating engineers

 What are the right career opportunities?

There are more job opportunities for heating engineers in the private sector. Engineers can also start working straight into a company. However, the advantage of working with firms is that they provide several training. Some heating engineers can also get self-employed and set up their business as a chartered engineer. This is undoubtedly a life changing option of working in a company to establishing own business as a heating engineer.

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