Staying Connected With Fibre Optics In Seychelles

With the recent connection of the new submarine fibre-optic cable to the islands of Seychelles, this archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean now boasts full, high-speed Internet connectivity. This will improve communication capabilities, giving locals and visitors faster, more efficient access to the rest of the world.

Always looking to stay current with regards to technology, the country welcomed their new fibre-optic capabilities with celebrations at Cable and Wireless Seychelles the local communications company. The addition of fibre optics to their current systems opens the door for better global connectivity, improved local services and increased availability of products and business for residents.

This improvement in communications, added to the fact that the islands are fast becoming a highly popular tourist destination, makes Seychelles a place worth investing in today. The new marina development of Eden Island , for example, is an excellent place for those looking to break into the property market. This estate, and places like it, offers secure, luxury accommodation that can easily be rented out to holidaymakers.

Now is an ideal time for local property investments

While still maintaining its relaxed, non-mainstream atmosphere, Seychelles offers many property options, which provide luxury living and island ambiance. However, the addition of fibre-optic communications makes it easier to keep up with local and global happenings, as well as staying in touch with friends and families across the world. This new development stands to benefit both local communities and investors in many ways:

  • Improved economic growth
  • While managing to retain their island atmosphere and social environment, local businesses will continue to benefit and grow with the availability of more reliable communications. Full and part-time residents will have better access to local events, services and goods, as well as ease in keeping in contact with others.
  • Better global relations
  • Through more reliable and faster technology, the country now has the ability to maintain a global presence for the benefit of the local population. This will also assist in attracting investors worldwide. Additionally, Seychelles is now more easily able to supply necessary and desired services to its tourism economy and the IT-consuming demographics. This is important as they make up a large percentage of island residents and visitors.
  • Continued excellence in IT
  • Resident industry professionals were recently recognised by the United Nations for their work within the IT field. They understand the importance of IT and communication advancements both locally and globally. The addition of the fibre-optic cable opens many new doors for this small nation in respect to international position, local economy and tourism.
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One of the more important aspects of this new development isn’t the fact that Internet service will be better, but rather how it affects the tourism and property markets in Seychelles. There is no longer any reason to believe that properties on these islands are “cut off” from the rest of the world.

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