The Blu-Ray Revolution

With each passing day, there has been a desire to process and store more information. This is as a far cry from the recent past where considerable less information was stored or ever processed.Initially information was stored in floppy disks, then these changed to compact disks which were originally read only and then to DVDs which could now take up more data. Since the nature of the technological industry is very much dynamic, scientist came up with a solution to even store more data on a very compact and easily movable item. The blu-ray disk was the final product produced.

Blu-ray technological breakthrough

The blu-ray disks are one of the greatest innovations when it mostly comes to data storage. They are known as the improvement as compared to the DVD. This has been as a result of a great deal of research and tests. The blu-ray disks use layers to store information or dat. Many layers finally constitute the plastic disk. A blu- ray disk can have very many of this layers and as the number of layers keeps on increasing, so does the capacity of the entire disk. A conventional blu- ray disk has close to twenty five gigabytes of capacity per layer. Different companies that manufactures these disk have different capacity disks with others even having quadruple layers. These have been known to have more than one hundred gigabytes of storage capacity.

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Blu- ray movies

The movie industry has had the most and advance interaction with the blu-ray disk. This has been mainly so since a DVD had very limited space to fit in a few movie files which are known for their very large capacity. Blu-ray disks and machines compatible with this format therefore stepped in to fill the demand of multiple movies per disk. This has helped spur the movie industry to a whole new level. From this very major breakthrough, the developers then ensured to produce high quality 3d bluray movies. This assures the movie viewers of no compromise on the movies quality in an effort to compress a number of movies into one disk

Blu ray layering

The way a blu-ray disk stores its information is quite different as compared to a DVD. There is one layer of the DVD that stores all the information deeper into the disk as compared to the blu-ray disk. This is because of the composition of this disk which is a combination of several different layers. This therefore means that the layer of the blu-ray is quite close to the surface as compared to that of the DVD. This makes it more prone to any form on external damage like scratches.

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