The Most Common Types Of Computer Software

Computers have their own language and their own ways of communicating to humans.  There are several popular software programs today, and without the software, we would not be able to use computers for some many various tasks, and because of software, users don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous viruses.  Some popular software includes:

Some Software Options Available

Utility software helps the management of hardware and software.  Utility software performs disk defragmenters, systems utilities and virus scanners.

Data backup and recovery software provides functions beyond simple copying of files.  This software helps the user specify what is being backed up and when and aids in easy retrieval of the backed up files.

Adware software are the pop ups that you see on your computer screen.  While adware is mainly for the purpose of advertisements for gaining  revenue, it does not harm your computer in any way. Adware is merely inviting the user clicks on advertising.

Malware is in reference to malicious software that is a threat to a computers security.  Common types of malware are, spyware, worms, trojans and scareware.  Viruses are malicious programs which spread from one computer to another over the network of the internet.  Trojans steal information,  spyware can monitor user activity and steal information without the users knowledge.  Viruses need a host program to attach to in order to spread a virus, while worms do not need a program to attach to, they can spread by themselves.

Additional Software Options

Inventory Management software helps in tracking materials as to its quality and quantity.  Inventory software helps companies by managing and organizing their inventory and the flow of goods in and out of the business.  This would include file sharing programs like Rocket Software by RLink.

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System software helps the computer to run hardware and software.  This refers to the operating systems, such as device drivers, servers and system utilities.  This software helps a programmer in abstracting from hardware, memory and other highly complex applications.

Application software enables the user to do specific tasks.  Word processors, which are used mainly for specific tasks is an example of application software.  Business software, databases and educational software are other popular examples.

Programming software is the most common to users and the most popular type of software.  This comes in the form of tools to assist a programmer in writing the program. Programs are sets of instructions that make a computer system perform specific tasks.  The most common known tools in the system are text editor, compilers and interpreters.  Interpreters execute various programs by executing the source code or translating source code into an intermediate language before execution, while compilers generate objects which are converted into executable programs.  Debuggers check code for bugs and then debug, if any.

Software is the collection of computer programs and documentation that performs tasks on a computer system.  Software is made up of a machine language that comprises groups of binary values which specify processor instructions.  These instructions change the state of a computer in a predefined sequence.  Software is the language in which our computers speak to us!

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