The Reasons Why You Would Have A GPS Tracker Fitted By A Private Detective

What Are The Reasons For Fitting A GPS Tracker?

There are many reasons for having a GPS tracker fitted to a vehicle or vehicles here are just a few of them. If you are suspicious that your spouse or partner is lying to you about where they are going a GPS tracker attached to their car will give you the information you need to find out if they are lying. The tracker will allow you to watch the location of your partner’s vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is easy to log in on the internet based tracker panel through a website.

The panel has a map backdrop that will indicate where the tracker is on the Google Map in real time. The panel will also show you the speeds at which they are driving, when they stop and for how long and at what address or location. Therefore if your partner claims to be on the M6 near Liverpool but you know they are on the M1 in Hertfordshire you know they are lying.

Why Do Companies Use Trackers?

Companies make use of GPS trackers by using them to keep an eye on their company fleet of cars and vans. Not only can they track the employee to see what routes they take, if they are constantly speeding or if the misuse the vehicle. They can also be used to study the vehicles cost effectiveness and monitor the wear and tear of the vehicle. Some employees use their work vehicle all the time and often this is not in the contract of employment. A company van can be useful for helping people move home or pick up large objects.

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Certain objects could cause damage to the vehicle such as cement or large bulky objects that may not have been loaded properly can fall and damage the vehicle. It is not acceptable to use a company vehicle for non- work related use as there are costs and damage to consider.

Could You Find Out Where Someone Lives From A Tracker?

A very popular use of a GPS Tracker is to find out where a person lives. This is mostly to find out where an estranged partner is living and also if they are committing adultery. When a marriage breaks up it can sometimes happen that one partner leaves without saying where they are living and as the months go by the partner who has been left decides to divorce but needs to serve divorce papers on their estranged spouse and they have no address to do so. A tracker attached to the spouse’s vehicle will soon show where they are living.

This could be fitted at the estranged spouse’s place of work or when they visit the children or another relative. Once you have a good idea of the address a session of surveillance can then be carried out to gain photographic evidence of the actual address and the estranged partner using a key to get into the property etc

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