The Top IPhone Horse Apps

The Top iPhone Horse Apps

The iPhone app store is constantly expanding, with hundreds of new apps launched each day. There are apps available for every interest, including horses. Whether you are a keen horse rider or just an admirer of the beautiful animals, there is a selection of great apps to choose from. Here are some of the best currently available on the Apple app store:

Google Maps (free)

If you’re planning a big trek with your horse, you will want to make sure you have the Google Maps app on your iPhone. This recently launched app is far superior to the Maps app which is automatically installed by Apple, and could be a real life saver if you get lost. It pinpoints exactly where you are using an impressive GPS system and can also give you directions to make sure you reach your destination or get home safely.

Horse 360 (£1.49)

For those who love horses but wish they knew more about their anatomy, Horse 360 is a ‘must have’ app. It is especially useful for those interested in becoming a vet, but equally for any horse rider who would like to know more about their animals. The app contains a fun quiz, which tests your knowledge as you learn, awarding you with points as your score improves.

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Horse Rider SOS (£4.99)

As a horse rider your safety should be your priority, and this app uses incredible new technology to ensure that you will be able to get help urgently if you have a fall or other injury while out with your horse. The app has a motion detector which senses when you stop moving for more than a minute and can be set to automatically send an alert by SMS to a person of your choice if this happens.

MyHorse (free)

If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own horse, why not download a virtual pet? With MyHorse you can choose the horse of your dreams to own, care for and train. You will need to complete tasks such as grooming, feeding and treating the horse, which enables you to learn what it’s really like to own a horse. You can also enter your pet into show jumping competitions, and take photos of your horse to mark its stages of development. Plus, if your friends also download the app there is a social element where you can help each other care for your horses.

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