Thermal Transfer Label Is The Perfect Solution For Permanent Label Printing

Generally we all are aware of thermal printers which are used at many sale points for example when we are going for shopping and they give us bill or any label as a proof of transaction is made by credit card or by cash is printed with these kind of printers. These thermal printers are also used in the restaurants and other service stations. The information is to be printed on the label or paper by the heat process which is used to transfer wax or wax and resin both. Similarly the thermal transfer label is also using the same thermal printer to print the permanent labels for different industries.

The thermal transfer labels have many advantages like :

Long lasting :

The thermal labels are long lasting. It will be meaningless if the shipped labels were to get faded or smudged. That’s why the labels are made long lasting until the recipient received the package.  The direct thermal labels are produced in such a way that they can be produced quickly without long notice.

Not affected by heat or sunlight :

The thermal labels will not be affected by either sunlight or heat.  This reason makes the label effective for shipping labels that will be exposed to all weather conditions.

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Cost effective printing :

The thermal label printers are also produced at less cost because there are not too many parts moving in the thermal printer.

Useful for barcodes :

The thermal label printer plays important role in the use of barcodes.  For inventory control and storage location barcodes are widely used because barcodes are placed on the items in the inventory control. The temperature or humidity of the warehouse area can change as per the season at that time regular labels could fad away to the point of being unreadable thus the barcodes would be worthless.

Permanent printing :

These labels have an advantage over direct thermal labels in that the information will be printed permanently  and the items can be rapidly identified when located.

Thus, the thermal labels can be printed with a variety of printers and also accepts the variety of label sizes. We need the thermal transfer labels when one wants to withstand  rubbing, heat or humidity with the help of long lasting labels. While the other labels such as Direct Thermal uncoated or coated labels, Direct Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels may be similar but will not take the rough handling which mainly requires the application of labels.

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