Think Before You Shop For Portable Concentrators

Not too many years ago, there were far fewer options available to those who needed home oxygen concentrators. Most were heavy, inconvenient and often worked to confine users to a limited area. Even traveling short distances took a lot of preparation, if it could be done at all. The creation of portable oxygen concentrators have changed all that. Now, however, with so many types to choose from, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when you shop for portable concentrators.

Daily Life

There are some limitations that you will likely have when you are prescribed oxygen, no matter what type of concentrator you use. What you’ll want, however, is a portable oxygen concentrator that will work best with how you go about your day. Is most of your time spent at home, with only occasional forays out to buy groceries, visit a bookstore or see a movie? Or, perhaps, do you head off to an office or other workspace for eight hours a day? These are just some of the things talk over with your medical supplier before buying your oxygen concentrator.

Vacations and Travel

Some people are simply homebodies. They don’t travel much, or far, and that’s how they like things. Others, however, are much more likely to spend weeks, or sometimes simply weekends, in places a long way from home. How you travel, and how much, is a factor when it’s time to shop for portable concentrators. If you rarely leave town, you may not need a concentrator that has a long battery life. Or, perhaps, you can simply rent one when it’s time to travel further. On the other hand, if your goal is to be as mobile as possible, to travel as much as you can, look for a lightweight oxygen concentrator that has a long battery life.

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Future Plans

When you are first prescribed oxygen, you may think your days of going wherever you want are over. And, in fact, at first they may be — while you get used to using oxygen and your body adjusts. After that, it’s time to start looking forward to what you can do, even while you are hooked up to an oxygen concentrator. If you are only using home oxygen concentrators at first, spend time looking at what is available in the portable line. Talk to your doctor and your suppliers about what you’d like to do, and find out what are your best options to accommodate your oxygen needs in the future.

Modern portable oxygen concentrators have opened up a new world of opportunities for oxygen users, and its important to take advantage of that. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t meet your needs. Whether you are young or old, a homebody or always on-the-go, there is likely one or more oxygen options that will be perfect for you. Remember, when you shop for portable concentrators, that, with the right choice, you can be as mobile as you are able.

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