Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Car Camera

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Install a Car Camera.

1.  Prove who is at fault in an accident.

Time after time there are accidents out on the road where the driver who is at fault will lie in an attempt to avoid paying up on the insurance costs.  Once a camera is installed who caused any given incident is not in dispute the camera never lies and the liar is always caught out.  This ensures that innocent drivers are treated fairly by the insurance companies.

2.  Other drivers will see your camera and think twice.

Once installed, the camera can often clearly be seen in the car windscreen.  If a driver was thinking about cutting out or overtaking in the wrong lane and they see a car camera, they will think again before starting their manoeuvre.   This alone can help any car camera user avoid confrontations and potentially dangerous accidents.

3.  Keep the car secure when you are not around.

Much of the damage caused to cars in motoring incidents actually happens to stationary or parked vehicles.  Car parks, side streets and even outside your own home, are typical places where another car will hit yours and then simply drive off because nobody is around to see what happened.  Leaving a car camera in the car whilst you are away ensures that there is a very good chance that the license plate of the offending vehicle is recorded, and the perpetrator can be tracked down by the law.

4.  Stay safe in a road rage situation.

Increasingly we read reports of people being attacked and often injured by drivers who lose their cool after an accident, lashing out at the other party.  Should this happen, a driver using a car camera can simply point at the camera and inform the other driver that they are being recorded and any footage captured will be sent to the police.  If appropriate, it is even wise to allow the other person to rant in full view of the camera without them knowing this provides ideal footage of the attitude of the individual and can often land them in deep trouble with the law.  This should only be done if the owner of the camera is safe.

5.  Parents can keep an eye on their kids activity.

After passing their driving tests, many teenagers will almost expect their parents to hand over the car keys.  This is no problem for the parents so long as their new young driver uses the camera to record their journey from a to b and everything in-between!

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6.  Insurance protection.

Almost every insurer will make attempts to claim back any money they pay out.  This is achieved by increasing the costs of the policies of those who make a claim.  To avoid this extra cost it is imperative that blame is apportioned correctly and very often insurers can make a decision based on the video provided.

7.  Confidence booster.

Driving with a car camera installed empowers the owner to drive with confidence even in tricky situations because they know that they are covered.  Knowing that others around you will either drive more carefully whilst in your vicinity, or be recorded if they are causing problems, is a huge confidence booster especially to those who are more timid on the roads.

8.  Freight vehicle protection.

Drivers of heavy goods vehicles are often the target of bad press due to the different conditions they face whilst out on the road.  Increased stopping distances, turning issues and other drivers impatience all ads up to more problems.  This in turn requires increased protection from car drivers making false accusations about them realistically just because they feel intimidated by larger vehicles.  Lorry drivers can video the insults and accidents and report any driver who is falling foul of the law directly to the police.

9.  Lower your driver insurance costs.

Just by installing a car camera, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your annual insurance.  Some companies now offer 15% discounts which can mean hundreds of dollars for younger drivers in particular.  The cost of the car camera itself is quickly recouped when a discount can be obtained.

10.  Record your trips out.

Whilst protection and cost represent most of the reasons for owning a car camera, how about using it to record your journey through a landscape, or whilst driving around on vacation.  Your holiday road trips can be conserved forever just like your still photos providing you with lasting memories of a special journey or vacation.

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