Tracker Fitted Two Weeks

Where is he going?

A very upset client called into our office recently as she believed that her husband was cheating on her with someone from work. She claimed he was not coming straight home from work and when he did come home he was never hungry and he was very distant. She thought that he was perhaps going out to eat with a woman from work instead of coming home to her and the kids. She was sad because they had always had a good marriage up until that point.

Who is he with?

Our client decided she needed to know who it is that her husband is seeing, when they are seeing each other and what they are doing together. We advised her that a GPS Tracking device would let her know where his car was going and that it would be a good idea to have it on for a couple of weeks to see if there was a pattern emerging so that surveillance could also be carried out to see what they were doing.

Can you find out Where He Goes?

Being very patient our client waited for the full two weeks to go by before she went for the surveillance. The car had been shown to be going to different restaurants and hotels each night. Although the information did not look good for her marriage she waited to get the full picture of the affair from the surveillance session. The car seemed to move at the same time night but the destinations were different. We decided to follow him from the office at the same time as he had been leaving each night to get the best results.

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Get Me Proof of an Affair

The agents followed the target in his car from the office. He was not alone as he had his secretary with him. She had been in his employee for three years and this is when our client says the affair started. They went to a local hotel that had one of her husband’s favourite restaurants in and they had dinner together. All of this seemed perfectly above board until they went upstairs into a hotel room. Our client’s husband left the hotel alone and went home after about two and a half hours. We had video footage of the couple kissing and touching each other during and after dinner.

Filing for Divorce

The client had seen enough, she decided that her husband had gone too far and she could not forgive him. He had lied about the other woman and could not believe that her husband had taken her out for dinner and bedded her every night during the week for months, even on her our client’s birthday and their wedding anniversary. All she wanted us to do now was to find out more information about the woman, just in case she became a nuisance to our client. She wanted answers but didn’t know how to ask the questions. She felt that divorce was the only option as she could not live with him now that he had cheated on her so badly. This love affair was far more damaging than a one night stand or a silly fling.

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